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14th Annual VA2K Walk and Roll Event Celebrates Veteran Support, Advocacy

Veterans' community wellness camaraderie.

14th Annual VA2K Walk and Roll Event Celebrates Veteran Support, Advocacy

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A spirit of camaraderie and purpose filled the air as participants embarked on the 14th annual VA2K Walk and Roll event held at the new Veterans Affairs Clinic. The storied event was not confined to Chattanooga alone, but echoed across Tennessee, showing support and generosity towards the state’s veterans.

Walk and Roll – A Step towards Heroes’ Support

The VA2K Walk and Roll event that takes place annually is completely free of charge, offering participants an invaluable opportunity to listen to and learn from the experiences of veterans who take part in the walk and roll. “We are here to raise awareness for mental health, to get donations for our homeless veterans in the area. We have a route around the clinic here to walk the 2k and meet and interact with some of our veterans and staff in our clinic,” elaborated Joshua Green, a CDCE Volunteer Specialist.

Donations for Veterans

The event invited participants to show their solidarity with veterans through voluntary donations of food and clothing items. Aiding in the fight against mental and physical health challenges, the new VA clinic offers a wealth of opportunities for veterans.

Aiding Veterans on Multiple Fronts

“This is an outpatient clinic where we have primary care doctors, specialty doctors, mental health, audiology, dental. We also have Whole Health, which is a fairly new program, a very great program,” explained Lisa Daniel, a VSO for Disabled Veterans. The clinic easily becomes a one-stop-shop for veterans, offering resources and support under one roof.

A Testament of Solidarity

Participants included diverse groups of individuals – from first-time attendees to dedicated participants who have been part of the VA2K since its inception. These veterans communicated their admiration for the program, recounting the sincere care and support they have been receiving. “They actually care and they right here in the front where everybody can see them…I recommend every veteran, if you are not a part of this, you need to get a part of it,” said Anita Franklin, a Veteran.

Healthcare Services and Programs

Representatives from Whole Health, Mental Health, Women Veterans, and more were on hand to discuss healthcare services and programs. The VA2K has consistently remained a significant and value-added event to donors and volunteers, but importantly most to Veterans, providing them the support and resources they need.

The event stands as a beacon of unity and compassion, further showcasing that there is indeed a helping hand here in Chattanooga, rooting for the well-being and welfare of its veterans.

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