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Register your car for 3MC Car Club’s 4th Annual Car Show!

Car registration celebration event.

Register your car for 3MC Car Club’s 4th Annual Car Show!

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Are you a car enthusiast? Are you always in search of new platforms where you can meet like-minded auto fanatics and have your prized vehicle admired? If this description fits you perfectly, then the upcoming 4th Annual Car Show by 3MC Car Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is your next must-attend event.

The 4th Annual Car Show

The 3MC Car Club will be commemorating its fourth year of widening its network and strengthening the local automotive community. The 4th Annual Car Show will serve as a big piece to that puzzle. The event is set to happen on May 18th at the 1020 North Moore Road in Chattanooga.

All attendees will not only get to enjoy a spectacularly diversified showcase of vintage and modern cars but also be a part of a pivotal cause. The event will benefit the Chattanooga Autism Center, aiming to raise awareness and fundraiser for Autism research, resources, and treatments.

More than Just a Car Show

Adding to the car showcases, the event holds an enriching space for food trucks and vendors. Attendees can indulge in a variety of local cuisine in between checking out fellow car enthusiasts’ prized possessions. Alongside, vendors from various fields will be showcasing their products and services, creating an all-encompassing experience.

If you run a business and are looking to reach an enthusiastic crowd, you can also sign up to be one of the vendors at the event. Not only will you get to enjoy the festivities, but you’ll also have the opportunity to expand your business outreach.

Get Ready to Register!

So what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to register your spectacular car for 3MC Car Club’s 4th Annual Car Show!

For more inquiries about the event or the 3MC Car Club itself, you can visit their official website or get in touch through their email at Stay connected with the club through their Facebook page to get updates on this event and their future gatherings.


Whether you’re joining as a car owner, an enthusiastic onlooker, a food lover, or a prospective vendor, the 4th Annual Car Show by 3MC Car Club is brewing to be a great place for everyone. Mark your calendars and be ready to be part of the biggest car show event in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

Act now and register! Don’t miss out on this once-a-year opportunity to celebrate your love for cars while assisting a noble cause!

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