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42 Tiny Homes Planned in Eastdale by Former Basketball Pro-turned Developer

"Tiny homes community rendering"

42 Tiny Homes Planned in Eastdale by Former Basketball Pro-turned Developer

In Eastdale, a former basketball professional Rashad Jones-Jennings, now a developer, is turning his attention towards an ambitious new $12 million project. Following his successful creation of a 29-tiny-home subdivision in the Atlanta suburb of College Park, Georgia, last year, Jones-Jennings has planned a similar project in his hometown featuring 42 tiny homes. The forthcoming residential development will be situated off Tunnel Boulevard and promises to add a modern twist to Eastdale’s housing options.

Valentina Estates: Affordable Luxury

The newly planned project, aptly named Valentina Estates after Jones-Jennings’ mother, will span across an 8.6-acre property located at 3525 Garner Road, a verdant area set for clearance. The property was purchased two years ago by Jones-Jennings for a sum of $160,000 and was initially envisioned as a site for an apartment complex. However, following concerns raised by the local community, the developer decided to revise his plans, ultimately giving birth to a micro home concept.

Apart from individual tiny homes, Valentina Estates will also feature a dog park, solar roofs, abundant green spaces, and walking trails. The gated community is set to have models varying between 335 to 615 square feet, priced between $239,900 for a 520 sqft, one-bedroom “silver” townhome, and $279,900 for an 815 sqft, two-bedroom “platinum” model.

From Basketball to Real Estate

Rashad Jones-Jennings, before he ventured into real estate, had a successful career in professional basketball. A proud native of Chattanooga, he’s instrumental in his old school, Howard, achieving three district basketball championships, two regional titles, two state tournament appearances while maintaining an average of 10 points and 12 rebounds per game. After retiring from basketball in 2015, he channeled his passion and skills into real estate sales and development.

Contributing to Economic Growth

The upcoming installment of tiny homes in Eastdale is seen as an opportunity to spur economic growth in the area, which according to the 39-year-old developer, has seen a lack of development. Valentina Estates is expected not only to enhance local economy but also to change the neighborhood dynamics by attracting more homeowners. Jones-Jennings anticipates around 85% of the units to be sold to homeowners and the rest to investors.

In line with the developer’s vision of housing availability for low- to moderate-income individuals, Jones-Jennings is reportedly in talks with city officials and Habitat for Humanity. He sees the need for collective efforts in problem-solving, especially in the real estate sector, emphasizing that the purpose goes beyond mere housing construction. He believes his hometown, Chattanooga, can be beautified and bettered with the creation of strategic, sustainable housing models like Valentina Estates.

Looking Ahead

Jones-Jennings’ tiny home project, Valentina Estates, will provide an attainable luxury housing alternative in Eastdale. Site work on the development is scheduled to commence next month. The developer hopes to harness the success observed in his preceding project in College Park, which sold out in 55 days, and aims to replicate similar interest in Chattanooga.

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