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Emergency Response At Health Department Confirms Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leak; 5 Taken To Hospital

Medical team handling victims

Emergency Response At Health Department Confirms Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leak; 5 Taken To Hospital

Airc conditioning malfunctions leads to hospitalizations

An incident today at the Health Department building on E. 3rd Street led to a swift emergency response after several employees and patients reported noticing an unusual odor and began to feel unwell. It has now been confirmed that a leak from the air conditioning refrigerant was the cause of the incident.

The building was evacuated immediately upon the first sign of trouble at about 9:41 a.m. Local emergency services, including the Chattanooga Fire Department (CFD), Chattanooga Police Department (CPD), and Hamilton County Emergency Medical Services (HCEMS), rapidly responded to the distress calls.

Upon arrival, nine individuals were evaluated and five of them were taken to the hospital by EMS officials for further evaluation and treatment. In the meantime, firefighters entered the building to gather readings and data to pinpoint the exact cause of the apparent exposure. They soon determined that an air conditioning refrigerant leak was indeed the issue at hand.

Road closure and building safety confirmation

For public safety, E. 3rd Street was temporarily closed down between Palmetto Street and Hampton Street. This decision was made to facilitate an easier and safer response to the emergency at the Hamilton County Health Department building located at 921 E. 3rd Street. This necessary action also helped to keep the general public away from the potential hazard.

The Chattanooga Fire Department’s Special Operations unit, Hazmat 1, and multiple fire companies responded to this particular call, ensuring a thorough check of the entire premises. Upon completion of their assessment, officials announced that the entire building has been given the all-clear. “The entire building has been checked and it is safe,” affirmed the officials, confirming that there is no longer a hazard from the prior incident.

Continued vigilance

Hamilton County’s emergency services and relevant departments are always ready to respond to potential hazardous situations and today’s quick response at the Health Department building is a testament to their preparedness. As always, they maintain a stern warning to all community members to be vigilant and to promptly report any unusual occurrences or symptoms, particularly in public spaces.

While the situation at the Health Department building has now been resolved, research and investigations into the incident will continue in order to fully comprehend the exact cause and to prevent any similar occurrences in the future. As always, the safety and wellbeing of Chattanooga’s community members remains a top priority for all emergency response authorities.

The Chattanooga City Council and local health officials express their gratitude to the swift response and professionalism our emergency teams, and send their well-wishes to those who are receiving medical care as a result of the incident.

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