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Armed Teenager Arrested in Chattanooga Attempted Home Break-In

Arrested teen at home.

Armed Teenager Arrested in Chattanooga Attempted Home Break-In

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Local police in Chattanooga were able to apprehend an armed teenager attempting to break into a home in the city. The 19-year-old suspect was caught on Monday after two patrolling officers noticed suspicious behavior.

Details of the Incident

According to the officers patrolling Tacoa Avenue around 6:06 p.m., they observed a male individual, donned in a red hoodie and mask, evidently trying to pry open a window of a residence. As the officers approached the crime scene, the suspect spotted their marked police vehicle and instantly fled. However, the Chhattanooga law enforcement pursued and managed to keep a keen eye on his movements.

Evasions and Arrest

On realizing that he could not outrun the officers, the teenager opted to drop his weapon, a handgun, in a desperate attempt to flee. He threw it over a fencing bordering a neighboring residence. Fortunately, the police officers were able to recover the discarded firearm, which was perilously near a residential playset. “The quick-thinking police officers, aware of the incident’s potential for calamitous consequences, prioritised retrieving the firearm to prevent a child stumbling upon it,” explained Chattanooga law enforcement representative.

Even more intriguing about the recovery is the fact that the gun was previously reported as stolen. In the light of these discoveries, the officers succeeded in identifying and subsequently arresting the teenager, one Malik Hughes.

Charges Against the Suspect

Upon questioning, Hughes conceded that he was barred from possessing weapons, considering his criminal records. Consequently, he was placed under arrest and charged for several offenses. This includes evasion of arrest, theft of property, possession of a firearm with the intent of going armed, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was later escorted to the Hamilton County Jail and Detention Center.

This swift and successful resolution is a testament to the Chattanooga Police Department’s commitment to maintaining peace and security within the community. The alarming potential hazard of the case underscores the importance of their vigilance and dedication.

As this case unfolds, law enforcement is urging anyone who might have additional information regarding this incident or the suspect’s previous criminal activities to come forward. The Chattanooga Police Department promises that any assistance will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Community Reminder

The incident serves as a reminder for community members to stay vigilant, ensure secure storage of their belongings including firearms, and immediately report any unusual activities to the police. It further emphasizes the crucial role of effective patrolling in preventing potential crimes and apprehending lawbreakers promptly — an effort the department continues to strengthen for the safety of all Chattanooga residents.

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