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Arrest Made In Murder At Chattanooga Skate Park; Police Say Victim Was Trying To Retrieve Friend’s Gun

Skate park confrontation aftermath

Arrest Made In Murder At Chattanooga Skate Park; Police Say Victim Was Trying To Retrieve Friend’s Gun

Demetre Tayshaun Isaac, Charged with First-Degree Murder

An arrest has been made in connection with the fatal shooting that occurred at the Chattanooga Skate Park on April 12. The accused, Demetre Tayshaun Isaac, a 20-year-old resident, is now facing a first-degree murder charge for allegedly killing Michael Buttram. Isaac was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama, according to the Chattanooga Police Department.

The Incident That Sparked the Tragedy

A large crowd had reportedly moved from Southside Social to the Skate Park after the club’s closing time to continue the party, leading to the confrontation that resulted in the tragic loss. An argument erupted between people in a silver Infiniti G37 and a Chevy Malibu, escalating the tension in the crowd.

According to eyewitness accounts and police reports, a man dressed in a brightly-colored hoodie was directly involved in the argument. He was later identified as Isaac from a photo lineup.

Victim’s Efforts to Retrieve Gun Led to His End

Travis Belcher, a white male who had been seen with a handgun in his pants throughout the evening, reported that his firearm was taken away from him by an individual matching Isaac’s description. In an attempt to regain the weapon, Buttram was brutally shot, leading to his death.

Belcher confirmed the gun taken from him was a Glock 19 Gen 3, 9mm. Furthermore, the investigators found four 9mm cartridge casings at the murder scene, corroborating Belcher’s statement.

Additional Charges for Isaac

In addition to the first-degree murder charge, Isaac, who resides at 1304 Tacoa Ave., faces an additional charge of felony reckless endangerment. As inquiries on the tragic incident continue, the Chattanooga Police Department is committed to ensuring that justice is served.

This incident underscores the dangerous depths arguments can reach when firearms are involved, reminding us of the crucial need to maintain peace and engage in non-violent conflict resolution.

The Chattanooga Police Department requests anyone with additional information about this incident to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation.

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