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The Fourth Annual Chattanooga Beer Fest: Craft Beers Take Center Stage

Craft beer tasting event

The Fourth Annual Chattanooga Beer Fest

Craft Beers Take Center Stage

Memorial Day Weekend in Chattanooga, Tennessee was buzzing with a different kind of excitement as the Fourth Annual Chattanooga Beer Fest made its grand appearance. Here, beer enthusiasts gathered at the First Horizon Pavilion to indulge in the meticulous artistry and bold flavors presented by breweries catering a unique selection of craft beers.

A Flavorful Ticket to Unparalleled Craftsmanship

With a ticket price set at a modest $58, attendees had the privilege to taste-test beers from over 30 different breweries encompassing the region at their own leisure. According to Melissa Lail, the effervescent Director of Marketing and Media for the Chattanooga Market, the entrance fee assures full access to an ample assortment of beer sampling, lively music performances, food vendors, and trucks.

“People look forward to it every year… They buy their tickets ahead, and they are lining up an hour early to be the first in,” reported Lail in her buoyant voice.

Musical Performances and Artisanal Food

A Celebration of Craftsmanship and Community

The Chattanooga Beer Fest embodies not only a celebration of craftsmanship in brewing but also a sense of community brought together by a shared feat. The festival celebrates different kinds of beers ranging from hoppy India Pale Ales (IPAs), crisp and refreshing Seltzers to light lagers.

Given the substantial amount of options, all attendees are bound to find a beer that charms their palate and quenches their thirst on a warm summer day. “There’s only so much beer you can drink, and that’s one of the great things about the ticket is it allows your full freedom to sample from wherever you would like, and you get to choose so people are having a good time and learning what their own tastes are,” Lail explained.

Praise for the Chattanooga Beer Fest

Reigning as one of the most popular festivals held at the First Horizon Pavilion since its inception four years ago, the Chattanooga Beer Fest continues to accrue feedback brimming with praise. Such enthusiastic and consistent response manifest the event’s potential for an even brighter future.

As the dust settles after another successful round of the Chattanooga Beer Fest, organizers are already excited and eager for the next edition. As Memorial Day Weekend draws to a close, craft beer enthusiasts can start to mark their calendars for next year’s festival. Trust us – you wouldn’t want to miss out on this celebration of the best in craft beer and local spirit!

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