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Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in Chattanooga, March 19, 2024

"Contrast in restaurant hygiene"

Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in Chattanooga, March 19, 2024

Local health departments in the Chattanooga area, specifically Hamilton County, Catoosa County, and Walker County, perform restaurant inspections twice a year and rate the establishments on a scale of 100 points. Any restaurant scoring less than 70 points is required to undertake corrective measures. Here is the roundup of restaurant inspection reports for the week ending March 19, 2024.

The Worst: Sitar Indian Restaurant

The Sitar Indian Restaurant at 200A Market St received the lowest score of the week with 67 points. The reasons for this low score were the manager’s lack of control over preventing foodborne illnesses, presence of rodent entry points and droppings, improper storage of raw and ready-to-eat food items, unhygienic kitchen and dry storage area, deficient hot water supply in the sink, and non-conformance with several other food safety regulations.

Notably, the inspectors marked the restaurant for not taking proper precautions against foodborne diseases. This issue was primarily due to holes in multiple rice bags, suggested to be stemming from mice, and incorrect positioning of raw eggs over ready-to-eat food items, raising the risk of cross-contamination.

The inspection team also reported excessive rodent droppings on several kitchen surfaces. Indications of rodent activity were evident in the dry storage area, including bite markings and tears in single-use item boxes. Compounding these, several boxes of raw chicken were clinched from the floor, raising concerns over food safety.

Moreover, cleanliness seemed to be a significant concern with the kitchen and storage areas. The restaurant had dusty ceiling tiles above the food prep surface, while soiled wiping rags were stored improperly. Furthermore, several non-food contact surfaces were found dirty, reinforcing the general lack of hygiene.

Another issue was the rodent contamination of single-use items. There were rodent droppings on several single-service items in the dry storage area, which potentially transmitted harmful bacteria. The restaurant also had broken kitchen equipment, including gaskets and a storage tote with a broken lid, further compromising the overall food safety standards.

A Call to Action

As a direct result of these findings, corrective action is necessary for Sitar Indian Restaurant following this unsatisfactory restaurant inspection. Ensuring the right preventative measures against foodborne illnesses, ramping up hygiene, and restoring equipment will be critical steps towards compliance.

For health-related complaints concerning any restaurant in the Chattanooga area, reach out to relevant authorities. The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department can be contacted at 423-209-8110, Catoosa County Health Department at 706-406-2030, and the Walker County Health Department at 706-639-2574.

Restaurant inspections are crucial for ensuring public health safety and promoting hygiene standards within dining establishments. While some restaurants may score low on certain occasional inspections, it serves as a call for them to step up their efforts in maintaining safety, cleanliness, and overall quality of service to the public. Through continued vigilance and routine inspections, Chattanooga can promise a safe and healthy dining experience to all visitors and residents.

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