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Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in the Chattanooga Area This Week

Restaurant grades comparison chart.

Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in the Chattanooga Area This Week

Best-performing Restaurants Maintain High Standards of Sanitation

For the week concluding on May 14, 2024, health departments of Hamilton County, Catoosa County, and Walker County reported exceptional performance from many regional restaurants. These establishments upheld a commendable adherence to sanitation standards, receiving high scores far above the alert level of 70.

The health inspections, which happen twice annually, utilize a 100-point grading system. Any score below 70 requires immediate corrective responses from the restaurant failing to meet the critical standards. The establishment undergoes re-inspection to confirm the improvements. These scores are, however, are not subject to on-site revisions that might lead to improved marks. Health-related grievances regarding local establishments can be lodged with the respective health departments of your county.

Low-performing Gastronomic Establishments Struggle to Meet Standards

Despite no failures being reported this week, two restaurants could do with notable improvements. The Plaza Jalisco Mexican Grill on 7001 Middle Valley Road, Suite H, scored a 73, indicating serious flaws in its sanitary procedures. According to the inspectors, multiple food safety risk factors lacked appropriate control, including cold storage, sanitization, and maintaining the food condition.

The inspection encountered moldy peppers both in a drawer unit and the walk-in refrigerator. The refrigerator itself was set at an incorrect cooling temperature. Other concerning discoveries were uncovered food in a reach-in cooler, dry storage shelves lined with cardboard, and numerous dirty non-food and food contact surfaces. The flat top’s back wall exhibited substantial build up as well, and an employee’s drink sat improperly in the food preparation area, a clear violation of safety standards.

An unnamed restaurant scathed by with a meager score of 74. Detailed grounds for this low grading are yet to be disclosed.

Public Response and Concluding Remarks

The scores announced serve as an important reminder for citizens, to be vigilant about the places they choose to dine out. Engaging in informed decision-making based on these scores, customers ensure their own safety and that of their loved ones. Transparency about restaurant health inspections also emphasizes to the restaurant owners and employees the significance of maintaining high standards of hygiene, customer health, and food safety.

These scores are initial and do not factor in any mid-inspection amendments that often give way to revised scores. Health departments welcome health-related grievances and encourage reports of poor hygiene or inappropriate sanitary practices.

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