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Chattanooga’s BlueSky Institute Secures $200,000 Grant To Train IT Professionals From Underprivileged Schools

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Chattanooga’s BlueSky Institute Secures $200,000 Grant To Train IT Professionals From Underprivileged Schools

April 4, 2024

CHATTANOOGA, TN – The local education powerhouse, BlueSky Institute, has recently won a hefty grant to help train IT workers hailing from disadvantaged schools. The foundation of the grant is an appreciable $200,000, kindly provided by the renowned Carnegie Foundation, based in New York.

A Triumph for IT Education

The BlueSky Institute arose two years ago, thanks to Tennessee’s leading health insurance agency’s pioneering college and internship program. The primary aim was to develop a robust resource of proficient computer and information technology workers. Now, with only a few years of its existence, the program has managed to attract nationwide attention, all due to its innovative approach towards educating the youth.

With the generous grant by the Carnegie Foundation, the institute is set to bolster its workforce development program, which primarily focuses on assisting students from disadvantaged schools. The program aims to equip these individuals with essential IT skills, providing them with a stepping stone to a promising career in the rapidly growing field of information technology.

BlueSky: Skyrocketing the Local IT Sector

The BlueSky Institute has quickly become a pillar of the Chattanooga IT educational community since its creation. The program has already seen numerous successful cohorts go through its courses, with many past students now employed in challenging IT roles within the city and beyond.

Through this educational model, BlueSky Institute maintains an engaging and inclusive environment, reinforcing the concept that individual backgrounds should never act as a hindrance for any ambitious student dreaming of building a career in the IT sector.

The institute embodies its belief in the immense potential found in the heart of disadvantaged communities by actively providing opportunities to schools that typically lack access to resources needed to teach advanced computer skills. The recent grant will provide a much-needed boost to this effort.

A Significant Standout: National Recognition

Based on the BlueSky Institute’s unique local partnership model and its dedication to delivering quality education, the Carnegie Foundation selected the institute for the grant. The foundation recognized the BlueSky Institute’s impactful work, shining a light on a model that is both sustainable and replicable across the United States.

This recognition is proof that the institute’s perseverance to bridge the skills gap, particularly in information technology, while tapping into underprivileged communities, has put Chattanooga on the map as a hub for IT excellence.


The generous $200,000 grant from the Carnegie Foundation is a testament to the potential that the power of education and upskilling holds for transforming lives. With this grant, the BlueSky Institute stands to provide a beacon of hope to IT students from disadvantaged schools around Chattanooga, empowering them to overcome not only economic, but also digital divides.

As we move further into an ever-increasing digital age, collaborations, approaches, and initiatives like those by BlueSky Institute will prove instrumental in paving the way for underprivileged students to secure promising careers in the IT industry.

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