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Our Voices Initiates Drive To Boost Youth Voter Turnout in Chattanooga

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Our Voices Initiates Drive To Boost Youth Voter Turnout in Chattanooga

About the Program

A recent development in Chattanooga could prove to be a potential game-changer as a new program, ‘Our Voices’, aims to address the concerning issue of low youth voter turnout in Tennessee. The innovative social media series seeks to elevate civic engagement and understanding among young citizens. Created through a collaboration between The Enterprise Center’s Chattamatters program, WTCI PBS, WUTC, and La Paz Chattanooga, ‘Our Voices’ is set to provide nonpartisan and bilingual civics lessons that are specifically designed for popular social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. The topics discussed range from foundational knowledge like “What is democracy?” to practical information such as “How do I register to vote?”

Importance of the Initiative

According to Bob Culkeen, the WTCI President/CEO, educating young citizens about the significance of civic responsibilities using the platforms they engage with is instrumental. With the program’s nonpartisan style, it aims to educate, inform, entertain, and enlighten viewers. A mere 12.7% of Tennessee’s eligible young people aged between 18 and 29 voted in the 2022 elections, the lowest rate in the country as per the figures from CIRCLE at Tufts University’s civic engagement center. Research indicates that increased civics education at a youthful age is directly proportional to enhanced engagement in later life, a trend that ‘Our Voices’ aims to foster across the region.

Expanding Civic Education and Engagement

The president and CEO of La Paz Chattanooga, Stacy Johnson, expressed optimism about the direct impacts of the initiative. She noted that a deeper understanding of the tangible benefits of voting may encourage people to actively participate in the democratic process. So, the ‘Our Voices’ project, which offers high-quality, engaging information, plays a vital role in boosting civic engagement.

Cooperation with the Education System

In further development, ‘Our Voices’ is coordinating with Hamilton County Schools, which consistently outperforms every other district in participation in the State of Tennessee’s Governor’s Civics Seal program. The initiative will provide complementary resources to the existing civic education, taking a significant step toward creating a more informed and engaged populace. “Initiatives like Our Voices in combination with the TN Governor’s Civic Seal, the existing state and HCS civics curriculum, and the HCS Portrait of a Graduate are instrumental in preparing a more informed and engaged citizenry,” says Bruce Stubblefield, the 9-12 Social Studies Content Lead at Hamilton County Schools.

Further Information and Engagement

The ‘Our Voices’ videos are released weekly across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Those interested in learning more about the ‘Our Voices’ project are invited to visit Further details about Chattamatters’ initiatives or to subscribe to the weekly newsletter can be found at

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