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Brandon Clift Spearheads Men’s Mental Health Awareness Event at Miller Park on May 11th

"Men's mental health support"

Brandon Clift Spearheads Men’s Mental Health Awareness Event at Miller Park on May 11th

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — On May 11th, Miller Park will play host to an event aimed at raising awareness and understanding of men’s mental health issues. The event, known as “Men’s Mental Health Matters,” is the brainchild of Chattanooga-based advocate, Brandon Clift, who is using his lived experience to reduce stigma and promote positive mental health outcomes for men in his community.

Mental Health Matters: An Initiative to Reckon With

Men’s mental health is too often overlooked, under-discussed and misunderstood, which is what Clift seeks to remedy. Clift’s drive to address this issue stems from his own struggles with mental health. He sees the event as a way to bridge the gap in understanding and bring about necessary conversations focused on destigmatizing mental health struggles among men.

Bringing The Community Together

Staging such an important event in a public space like Miller Park emphasizes the role of community in supporting men’s mental health. The Park’s central location in the heart of Chattanooga allows attendees to gather in a familiar and comfortable setting that encourages open dialogue and promotes shared understanding.

The event will feature well-known mental health professionals who will deliver speeches on the importance of acknowledging and seeking help for mental health issues. It will also offer workshops and breakout group sessions where attendees can learn more about resources and tools available to those struggling, providing a hands-on approach to better understand mental health strategies.

The Power of One: Brandon Clift Takes The Initiative

As the driving force behind this event, Clift’s determination and passion for improving men’s mental health shines through. Overcoming his personal trials empowered him to support others on their mental health journeys, and he has devoted countless hours to making this event a reality in an effort to combat the growing clarion call for better mental health awareness.

“Men’s mental health matters,” says Clift. “It’s time to change how we discuss and approach these issues. We need to create a culture where men feel safe expressing their feelings and seeking help when they need it.”

Staying Connected

For those wishing to join the “Men’s Mental Health Matters Event,” registration can be done through Eventbrite. Interested parties can also follow Clift’s journey of advocacy and awareness by following him on Instagram or dropping a like on his Facebook page. His social media platforms offer continuous support, reaching the broader public, and raising the antenna on men’s mental health.

This event is important, not just for men in Chattanooga, but for those in every city. It marks a significant step towards changing the tone and direction of the conversation on men’s mental health. Clift and his event serve as a reminder that mental health is just as important as physical health and must be treated accordingly.

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