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St Thomas Hospital Roof Repairs Stay On Schedule Despite Pandemic Threats

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Eskola Roofing Project

The pandemic that swept the nation in 2021 created a great deal of chaos. Businesses closed, schools switched to online instruction, and people were compelled to stay at home. Despite all of this, some roofing projects persisted. One such project was the repair of the commercial roofing at the Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee

.The commercial roofers from Eskola Roofing in Nashville put in many hours to help the hospital and safeguard its patients. The roof of the hospital needed to be replaced immediately, as inspectors had discovered it to be in bad shape, with puddles, bubbles, stains, and materials that were fractured.

 The roofing company devised a strategy right away and began to work. They removed the old roof in under three months and replaced it with a brand-new Trimco 2-ply modified bitumen roofing system. Thanks to the new roof, the hospital has already experienced tremendous improvement. The staff and patients are substantially safer now that the roof is no longer at risk of leaking or collapsing. 

During the project, there were four primary challenges to take into account: 

1) The safety of the hospital’s staff and patients: Due to concerns about COVID-19, additional safety precautions had to be implemented to ensure the safety of both the staff and the patients. PPE was always worn, and social estrangement was used. The roofing business worked closely with hospital staff to make sure that all safety procedures were taken. Additionally, workers routinely cleaned their instruments and hands.

 2) Heavy hospital traffic: Because the hospital was open while the roofing project was being done, special care had to be taken to prevent disruptions to regular hospital operations.

3) Unloading trash: The hospital’s crane, which could only be used at night, was needed to remove the old roof’s rubble. The crew needed to plan their time and be organized strategically to keep the project on track. 

4) The project plan: The roofing job needed to be finished on schedule and on a tight budget.

The crew at Eskola Roofing was able to effectively complete the project in spite of all of these difficulties. They are pleased to have made a contribution to the seamless operation of the hospital at this trying time. 

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