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Career Shopping? Peep these Options at ChattState

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Career Shopping? Peep these Options at ChattState

Aspiring students looking to further their education in Chattanooga can head to Chattanooga State Community College, commonly referred to as ChattState, for a wide variety of academic divisions and career opportunities.

Nursing & Allied Health

Those fascinated by the medical field can kick-start a rewarding career by enrolling in nursing, respiratory care, dental, vet tech, among others in the division of Nursing & Allied Health. There are 10+ degree options and 12 certificate courses for students to pick and choose from.


Engineering enthusiasts can perfect their trajectory by selecting from programs like chemical engineering and the first-in-state electrical vehicle engineering program. Offering 25+ degrees, eight transfer pathways, and 15 certificates, students will be well equipped for thriving careers in cutting-edge industries.


Under the umbrella of business studies, ChattState provides a spectrum of noteworthy 18 programs and certificates ranging from graphic design and entrepreneurship to legal studies and economics. Additionally, nine transfer pathways can add further momentum to one’s career path.

Mathematics & Sciences

A treasure trove for students craving scientific and mathematical pursuits, ChattState offers 10+ transfer pathways in specialized fields such as dentistry, optometry, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Humanities & Fine Arts

If you daydream of performing or designing stages or costumes, your search ends here. The division of Humanities & Fine Arts is the pathway for you, catering to your warm passion for the arts.

Social & Behavioral Science

ChattState with its Social & Behavioral Science division can act as the perfect stepping stone for careers in education, criminal justice, wellness, and beyond. This division offers potential scholars to not only learn but mature academically.

So, as the summertime unravels, students can make the most of it by career shopping at ChattState. With 100+ degree and certificate options ranging across six academic divisions and multiple transfer pathways guaranteed to Tennessee universities, ChattState indeed offers a bouquet of lucrative career opportunities. It gives the students the means to pick their dream career and chase it valiantly.

ChattState: The Ultimate Career Shopping Store

Completing the first two years of a Bachelor’s degree at ChattState can prove to be a great money-saving strategy. Students can focus on studying and planning their future careers without worrying about heavy financial burdens. The range of degree and certificate options available at ChattState truly makes it the ultimate career shopping store for students in Chattanooga.

To conclude, the future looks bright for aspiring students in Chattanooga, thanks to ChattState with its extensive academic divisions and fascinating career paths. It indeed puts the dream jobs of many students at their fingertips.

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