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Take Your Pick: The Art of Picking in Chattanooga Unveiled

Artistic picking process revealed.

Take Your Pick: The Art of Picking in Chattanooga Unveiled

The Rise of Antique Reselling

Chattanooga, a bustling city that’s fond of embracing everything old and peculiar, is brimming with pickers, or as some locals prefer, “antique resellers”. This title is much preferred by Helen Warrender, owner of the popular local shop Mostly French. But name semantics aside, the significant point is that this city has a flourishing community of antique enthusiasts, collectors, and dealers. These pickers, to the uninitiated, undertake the task of purchasing antiques at auctions, sales, or directly from individuals with the intent of selling them at a profit to antique stores.

What’s in a Name? Antique Hunting, Reselling and More

Antique picking, sourcing, or reselling as you may prefer to call it, is not merely shuffling through old things. It’s an art form, practiced by many in Chattanooga for enjoyment and profit. Despite the sometimes harsh sound of the term “picker”, don’t be fooled, as the process isn’t as unscrupulous as it may initially sound. In fact, it represents a community that appreciates the charm and historic value that antiques have to offer and leverages that appreciation as a lucrative business or satisfying hobby.

Chattanooga: A Hub for Antique Resellers and Aficionados

Chattanooga houses a plethora of antique shops and is an ever-expanding network of pickers, resellers, and avid collectors. They have adopted unique strategies and techniques to discover the hidden gems scattered throughout the city. Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional dealer, the city presents a promising landscape for the antique trade.

Finding the Gems – Antique Hunters Reveal their Secrets

The network of pickers in Chattanooga uses a variety of strategies to score their treasures. Some prefer to stick to their trusted antique shops and sales, while others venture into the lesser-known corners of the city, commercial or residential, in search for unique finds. A few others conduct their business virtually, bidding on antiques via online auctions and marketplaces.

The Future of Antique Reselling

Despite the age of the goods in question, the practice of antique picking is far from outdated. As more individuals understand the value (both historic and monetary) that these items can hold, there’s an increased interest in the activity. Chattanooga’s antique scene is very much alive, thriving even, making it the perfect breedings ground for established and aspiring antique resellers.


Antique picking in Chattanooga is a treasure hunt, one that keeps the city’s past alive while breathing in new life through restored items. It continues to be a thriving endeavor and a testament to the city’s appreciation for history and storytelling. Whether you fancy the title of “picker” or prefer “antique reseller,” there’s no denying that this community is a prominent part of Chattanooga’s socio-economic fabric.

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