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Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in the Chattanooga Area for the Week Ending March 12, 2024

Kitchen cleanliness comparison chart.

Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in the Chattanooga Area for the Week Ending March 12, 2024

Chattanooga Restaurant Inspection Reports

The Hamilton County, Catoosa County, and Walker County health departments conduct restaurant inspections twice a year, grading businesses on a 100-point scale. According to recently reported scores, scores below 70 mandate corrective measures. Failing to meet crucial standards leads to a reinspection of the restaurants. Here are the inspection scores of various Chattanooga area restaurants for the week ending March 12, 2024, with one reported failure.

Taqueria La Raiz Del Sabor (Mobile) Scores Lowest

The restaurant at E. 23rd St. logged a disappointing score of 66. The reasons listed for the low score include

  • An employee unaware of reportable foodborne illnesses and symptoms during the inspection.
  • The absence of adequate handwashing facilities.
  • Non-operational running water rendering cleaning dishes, washing hands, or performing other kitchen duties impossible.
  • No hand soap or paper towels were available at the hand sink.
  • The handwashing sink was not easily accessible.
  • Inadequate sanitization of dishes and utensils at the triple sink.
  • Failure to date-mark temperature-controlled, ready-to-eat foods held longer than 24 hours.

Other Concerns at Taqueria La Raiz Del Sabor

Several other concerns noted during the inspection include:

  • Unidentified toxic cleaning products.
  • Improper freezing of foods in the chest freezer with items being soft to touch during inspection.
  • The absence of a probe thermometer.
  • Food products being stored on the floor.
  • Wet wiping cloths being left on working surfaces instead of in a sanitizer solution.
  • Lack of a test kit to monitor the concentration levels of the sanitizer.

The restaurant is expected to take immediate corrective action for the issues mentioned.

Contact Information for Health-Related Complaints

For any health-related complaints in the Chattanooga area, individuals can reach out to the respective health departments:

  • Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department at 423-209-8110.
  • Catoosa County Health Department at 706-406-2030.
  • Walker County Health Department at 706-639-2574.

It’s crucial to report any unsanitary practices or conditions to maintain a safe and healthy dining environment in the Chattanooga area.

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