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Community Art Summit: Connecting Chattanooga Through Art

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Community Art Summit: Connecting Chattanooga Through Art

A Platform for Chattanooga Artists

The Community Art Summit was established in 2023 in Chattanooga with the significant aim of providing local artists a platform to showcase their talents and share their unique ideas. Founded by Jamar “Crown Vibes” Harden and Clifford “PCALU” Luster, the group is now planning to broaden its reach and strengthen its initiative to unite the city’s community through the power of art.

In the wake of the debilitating pandemic, the spirit of communal togetherness was significantly affected, and an air of discord began to permeate the city. Luster expressed in an interview how the people were turning against each other, harming the harmony of the city.

Embracing Unity and Love

The founders believe that their art-focused initiative can bridge this divide and restore the sense of unity and fellowship. Luster emphasized the importance of learning from each other and reinforcing the feelings of unity and love amongst the community members.

“We are at a point now where we must learn from each other and embrace unity and love to overcome the communal strife that has taken hold in the aftermath of the pandemic,” Luster stated.

The Role of the Community Art Summit

The core function of the Community Art Summit is to provide a stage for city artists, championing their artistic skills and ideas. The group believes that through these artistic expressions, they can alter the community’s narrative and encourage the spirit of togetherness, essentially rebuilding the city’s camaraderie spirit.

This year marks their first anniversary, during which they plan to extend their influence and further unite the community. Representing a diverse array of creatives, including painters, sculptors, musicians, and poets, the Summit intends to create an environment that fosters creativity and mutual respect.

Fostering Unity via Art

As the Summit is gearing up to celebrate its first year, the founders are enthusiastic about the future, with plans to reach out to a broader segment of the city’s population. They hope to advance their mission of connecting Chattanooga through art, encouraging more participation from both artists and the wider community.

Together, Harden and Luster are optimistic about changing the city’s communal narrative through artistic expression. Their vision for Chattanooga is a united community that celebrates individual artistry and collaborates for the collective good.

“Art has the power to connect and heal. It’s a language that everyone understands. Through the Community Art Summit, we aim to unite Chattanooga through this universal language and breathe life back into our city,” Harden expressed.

What’s in the Future?

With the Summit’s first anniversary just around the corner, the future indeed looks promising for Chattanooga’s art community. Their hope to cultivate unity and rediscover the spirit of camaraderie through art offers a fresh perspective and a new way forward for the city after a period of hardship.

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