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In The Key Of Johan Sebastian: The Chattanooga Bach Choir

Choir singing in harmony.

In The Key Of Johan Sebastian: The Chattanooga Bach Choir

Chattanooga, TN – The Uniting Force of Music in Chattanooga Community

The Chattanooga Bach Choir has been a pulsating heart of the music scene in Chattanooga, uniting the community with rhythm and harmony. Last fall, Canton’s concert was a memorable moment for the Bach Choir and its audience. True to their tradition, the members previewed the concert on social media, setting high expectations for their ever-devoted audience. Yet again, they demonstrated through music that people could bear even the most profound emotions together.

Choir’s Annual Gala and Next Concert

In an enchanting turn of events, the Chattanooga Bach Choir is all set to hold its annual Gala on Thursday, April 18th at the Westin. The annual Gala, a cherished event amongst the community, is seen as an opportunity to celebrate their unity and shared passion for music. The evening promises to be a spectacular convergence of talent, featuring a range of performances that will resonate with the Choir’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of music.

Following the highly anticipated Gala, the Choir will host its next concert: “Bach’s St. John’s Passion: A Musical Odyssey” on Saturday, May 18th. What sets this concert apart is the location – the sprawling and splendid Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul – a place as grand and sacred as the music it will house. For avid music fans and first-timers alike, this concert will be an opportunity to experience the mesmerizing world of Bach’s music in a setting where each note reverberates with a sense of divinity.

The Men Behind the Music

At the helm of these larger-than-life events are two guiding stars. Conductor David Long, the man whose effervescent passion and commitment are tangible in each performance, and John Wigal, the diligent Board President are the crucial elements keeping the Choir synchronized. Under their able leadership, the Chattanooga Bach Choir is pushing new frontiers while keeping close to their roots, proving that creativity and tradition can dance together in perfect tune.

This thriving musical scene, orchestrated by the Chattanooga Bach Choir, has been an essential thread in the city’s cultural fabric, providing an avenue of expression and connection for community members. Their unwavering commitment to the rapport that echoes in each of the Choir’s performances not only uplifts the spirits of their audience but also amplifies the timeless appeal and healing power of music.

As the city waits for the upcoming Gala and the musical odyssey, there is a palpable buzz of anticipation. With every performance, the Chattanooga Bach Choir reaffirms the power of music to transcend personal differences, forge community ties, and elicit shared emotions. In the key of Johan Sebastian, they have created a symphony of unity that resonates throughout Chattanooga.

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