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Chattanooga Bar’s Beer License Suspended After Inspector Spots Nude Dancer

Beer bar inspection surprise

Chattanooga Bar’s Beer License Suspended After Inspector Spots Nude Dancer

Background Information

A popular nightclub in Chattanooga, known as the Diamonds and Lace Showbar, is facing severe consequences after a city inspector reported an incident involving a fully nude dancer. The city of Chattanooga generally prohibits nudity or near-nudity in establishments that serve alcohol and this rule was clearly disregarded by the bar. The club has been penalised by the Beer and Wrecker Board and will be unable to serve beer for a period of three days.

The Incident

The reported event took place on the 4th of May when Sergeant Jason Wood from the Chattanooga Police visited the nightclub. Sergeant Wood claimed to have witnessed a fully nude dancer performing on a customer in a private room, straddling him inappropriately. Such a performance, along with the physical contact between a dancer and a customer, pose a direct violation to the Chattanooga beer code.

The Ruling by the Board

During the beer board meeting held on Thursday morning, board members unanimously supported the decision to penalize the nightclub for their actions. Alcohol is served at the Diamonds and Lace Showbar under a beer permit and while the beer board does not regulate adult entertainment permits, it was agreed that the mere presence of a fully nude dancer in the establishment was a clear violation of the bar’s beer permit.

Defence of the Nightclub

The representative of Diamonds and Lace Showbar, Mr. Michael Dickinson, attempted to defend the club with a contention that could possibly bend the rules. According to Dickinson, the showbar operates under a beer permit in Unit B, and the private room where the incident took place was located in a different area of the establishment. He urged the beer board members to abide by the letter of the law within their jurisdiction and implied that their governance should only encompass Suite B.

Outcome of the Violation

Despite the counterarguments provided by Mr. Dickinson, the Chattanooga Beer Board was not swayed and they unanimously voted in favor of the accusation that the club violated city laws. As a result, the nightclub has been barred from selling beer for a duration of three days, from the 20th to the 22nd of June. The establishment has declined to comment on this issue.

The Impact of the Incident

These events underline the necessity of upholding the standards put by governing bodies in city jurisdictions, particularly revolving around entertainment establishments. Infringements are met with strict repercussions, as demonstrated by this incident. Regardless of opinion, law and order within their jurisdictions should remain uncompromised to maintain respectful and lawful business practices.

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