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Chattanooga Business Burglary Suspect Apprehended Following High-Speed Chase and Collision

Police pursuit arrest aftermath

Chattanooga Business Burglary Suspect Apprehended Following High-Speed Chase and Collision

Suspect Linked to Multiple Business Robberies

In a dramatic turn of events late on Saturday, a suspect connected to several business burglaries across Chattanooga, Tennessee, was apprehended. Around 11:30 PM, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) deputies were enlisted to support the arrest. The subject was previously implicated in a burglary at a local gun store in which firearms and accessories were taken.

The HCSO was alerted that Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) officers were in pursuit of the offender. This individual was also reported to have burglarized North Georgia Reloaders earlier the same night, absconding with firearms and ammunition. In addition, an attempted break-in at Academy Sports on Gunbarrel Road was reported at 11:25 PM, purportedly also the culprit’s handiwork.

Fierce Car Chase Ensues

With evidence of forceful entry into North Georgia Reloaders, including stolen firearms, ammunition, and parts, authorities anticipated the suspect to be armed and dangerous. As CPD officers trailed the offender near East Brainerd at Lee Highway, HCSO deputies joined in the chase. The perpetrator then moved towards Highway 153 on Lee Highway, provoking a swift response from the deputies. An attempted traffic stop on seeing the vehicle near the 5900 block of Brainerd Road was ignored, thus escalating the situation into pursuit.

Collision and Arrest

Despite failed tries to halt the vehicle using spike strips, the perpetrator was ultimately apprehended after a successful Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) maneuver was implemented. The result was the offender’s vehicle crashing near the 2200 block of Wilson Street, subsequently colliding head-on with a marked patrol unit.

Damage Assessment

The individual has since been identified as Joshua Crump who was immediately arrested and handed over to CPD personnel. Crump has been charged with reckless endangerment, aggravated assault, felony evading arrest, and stop sign violation, among other offenses. He was transported to the Hamilton County Jail by the CPD. Thankfully, no deputies were injured in the course of the arrest, though three patrol units suffered damage.

Sheriff’s Statement

Following the dramatic chase and arrest, HCSO Sheriff Austin Garrett reported, “Our diligent deputies, in collaboration with CPD officers, ensured public safety while effectively apprehending a dangerous suspect. We are committed to maintaining law and order in Hamilton County.”

No further details are available at this time, pending ongoing investigation.

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