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Chattanooga-area Business Developments in March 2024

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Chattanooga-area Business Developments in March 2024

A Mix of Business Openings and Closings

The business landscape in the Chattanooga area continues to ebb and flow with openings and closures revealed for the month of March 2024. Among the new establishments is a large convenience store and a popular chicken restaurant. On the downside, a beloved coffee and sandwich joint, along with a women’s training and networking institute, closed their operations this month.

Business Openings

S&M Convenience Store

A large convenience store by the name of S&M Convenience – one of the biggest in Chattanooga, sprung to life near the intersection of Jenkins and Shallowford roads. The new store boasts a range of products including food, beverages, dog food, and hardware and automotive items. Store owners also revealed their plans to secure a beer permit from the Chattanooga Beer Board in the upcoming months.

Big Chicken in Hixson

Adding to the culinary diversity of the region, Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal launched a Big Chicken restaurant in Hixson, bringing his home-cooked childhood favorite dishes to the Chattanooga community. The restaurant saw a stream of excited customers eager to taste O’Neal’s childhood favorites, serving as a testament to his enduring popularity both on and off the court.

Business Closures

The Spot Coffee and Sandwich Shop

Marking a notable closure in March, The Spot, a popular coffee and sandwich shop in the Chattanooga area, shut its doors after seven years of operation. The Spot had been a favorite spot for locals and travelers alike, so its closure was met with disappointment amongst its loyal customers.

Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute

A serious blow to the local empowerment initiative was the closing of the Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute. Since its inception in 1996, the organization had provided valuable training and networking seminars for women in the Chattanooga area. The planned closure this spring represents a loss to the local community.

Concluding Summary

The Chattanooga-area business trends for March 2024 reflect the dynamic state of the region’s economy. With the inception of new ventures and the closure of some existing ones, the business atmosphere remains vibrant. As always, the community looks forward with optimism to see new businesses take up the mantle of those departing and continue to infuse the area with their unique contributions.

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