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Freak accident: Car clips powerline, rips paneling from Chattanooga home

Car vs Powerline Disaster

Freak accident: Car clips powerline, rips paneling from Chattanooga home

A Shocking Incident

Chattanooga, TN was the stage for an unusual accident that took place last night. A car accidentally clipped a powerline while passing by a home on the 1700 block of South Willow Street near Highland Park. The force of the car’s movement tugged the powerline, causing it to rip paneling from the home, effectively tearing off a portion of the homeowner’s wall. In light of events, all residents in the area were grateful to hear that no one was hurt in the incident.

Destruction and Intervention

The Chattanooga Fire Department and the Chattanooga Police Department were promptly alerted and attended to the scene of the accident. The officials reported that, upon arrival, they found active powerlines pulled from the residence, presumably by the passing vehicle. This action had resulted in a piercing bang that resonated throughout the neighborhood.

Emergency power line service provider EPB was imminently contacted and has since been working on the power pole. For the safety of the residents, the power supply to the stray cable was cut off to avoid any odds of an electrical hazard.

Power Outages

As of Friday morning, roughly 6,000 EPB customers still remain without power – a fallout of the strong storms that thrashed the city on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Power restoration efforts are underway, with EPB stating that crews from as far afield as Indiana and Florida will be arriving in Chattanooga on Friday to expedite the process.

A Rare Event

Such an incident underscores the rarity of freak accidents and the potential damages they can inflict. The unusual circumstances surrounding the event has left the community in shock, but thankfully, without any injuries. Rehabilitation efforts will undoubtedly take time, but with the intervention of various city departments as well as the community’s strength and resilience, life is expected to return to normalcy soon.

Continued Updates

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