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Chattanooga’s Chickamauga Dam Bridge Scheduled for Summer Resurfacing, Weekend Closures Announced

Bridge resurfacing preparation scene.

Chattanooga’s Chickamauga Dam Bridge Scheduled for Summer Resurfacing, Weekend Closures Announced

The Chickamauga Dam bridge, a commonly used thoroughfare in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is set to close for numerous weekends throughout the summer. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) announced the closures on May 29th, 2024, which will facilitate necessary resurfacing works on the Thrasher Bridge on Highway 153.

Closures To Affect Traffic Outlines

The closures commencing this summer will affect the southbound lanes of traffic initially. Drivers travelling from the Hixson area will need to follow alternative routes for the first three to four weekends. Upon completion of the southbound resurfacing, crews will then move on to close the northbound lanes for another three or four weekends.

Motorists are encouraged to drive with caution during these times. The TDOT release said, “Queue trucks and law enforcement will be present to assist.” However, officials have warned that bad weather could hinder work schedules and cause potential delays.

Detours for Southbound Highway 153

For those driving south on Highway 153, a detour will guide them around the closure. The detour will direct drivers onto DuPont Parkway and then the C.B. Robinson Bridge. From here, the traffic will flow onto the Amnicola Highway.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has emphasized that a signed detour will be operative when the closure of the Thrasher Bridge starts, assisting drivers to reach their destinations with minimal disruption.

Community Engagement

The TDOT regularly informs residents and motorists about potential changes or disruptions in their travel path. The department, along with partnering organizations, prioritize keeping the public informed about scheduled closures like the Chickamauga Dam bridge. This approach helps in maintaining a smooth flow of traffic and reducing unwanted congestion or accidents.

Chickamauga Dam Bridge: An Essential Artery

The Chickamauga Dam bridge, officially known as the Wilkes T Thrasher bridge, serves as a critical connection between multiple areas within Chattanooga. The bridge provides a much-needed pathway for daily commuters, trucks, and tourists. The forthcoming resurfacing initiative aims to provide improved road conditions for the city’s populace and visitors alike, ensuring a smoother commute in the long term.


The resurfacing of Chickamauga Dam bridge is a stepping stone for Chattanooga’s infrastructure development. As it prepares to temporarily close its doors for upgrades, Chattanooga’s locals and visitors are assured of better and safer commuting experiences in future.

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