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A Chattanooga Story For Tennessee’s Digital Opportunity Summit

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A Chattanooga Story For Tennessee’s Digital Opportunity Summit

Chattanooga Welcomes the State of Tennessee’s Digital Opportunity Summit

In the month of July, Chattanooga city opens its doors to the State of Tennessee’s Digital Opportunity Summit. Chattanooga City’s state-of-the-art Convention Center will serve as the meeting point for thinkers, innovators, and leaders around the digital world on Tuesday, July 23rd.

A Pre-Summit Conference: Highlighting Chattanooga’s Digital Evolution

Before the main event, a pre-summit conference is scheduled for Monday, July 22nd, starting at the renowned Bessie Smith Cultural Center. This warm-up event aims to shed light on Chattanooga’s incredible story of digital opportunity partnerships over the past decade. Over these years, the city has demonstrated the positive impact of embracing digital opportunities, carrying out partnerships that have positioned it as an example to follow in the digital realm.

Sammy Lowdermilk, the director for the Tech Goes Home program at the Enterprise Center, will be one of the key speakers during these events. He’s expected to share valuable insights on the transformative power of digital opportunities, drawing from his extensive experience in the sector.

Chattanooga: A Reputable City in the Digital World

The organizers of the Digital Opportunity Summit couldn’t have chosen a better location than Chattanooga. Known globally for its high-speed internet, the city embodies a successful synergy between tech and community. It is often referred to as the ‘Gig City’ due to its city-wide gigabit per second Internet coverage. Chattanooga’s digital narrative boasts major strides and milestones, establishing the city as a powerhouse in smart grid technology.

The Digital Opportunity Summit: Goals and Objectives

The Digital Opportunity Summit seeks to address the urgent need for leveraging digital technologies to foster economic growth, boost educational opportunities, and improve quality of life. It will serve as a platform for leaders not only to share success stories and lessons learned but also to discuss the role of digital access in fostering community development and empowering local citizens.

The two-day event aims to spark conversations that yield actionable solutions to bridge the digital divide and promote inclusive growth. It serves as a call to action for leaders and stakeholders to further explore the potential of digital technology in shaping our society.

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