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For Chattanooga Entrepreneurs, A Brand New Week Of Their Own

Entrepreneurs networking over coffee.

For Chattanooga Entrepreneurs, A Brand New Week Of Their Own

In the heart of Chattanooga, an exciting opportunity is presenting itself for the city’s homegrown entrepreneurs. The launch of the inaugural Chattanooga Entrepreneur Week is on the horizon, and with it comes a multitude of avenues for local innovators to connect, learn, and grow. This ambitious event will occur from Monday, April 29th through Friday, May 3rd.

The Initiators Behind The Idea

The Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union and the Chattanooga Business Resource Collective are the proud presenters of the event. Both entities are known for their concerted efforts towards nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation in the Chattanooga area, making them a perfect pair for this venture.

A Week Packed With Vibrant Events

With its central location, the Finley Stadium Ultra Club will host the free three-day conference. Interestingly, the week will also encompass partner events throughout the city, certain of which are well established among the city’s entrepreneurial circle.

Sarah Mattson, the enthusiastic Director of Entrepreneurship for the City of Chattanooga, emphasized the aim of the week-long event. She said, “Our goal with Chattanooga Entrepreneur Week is not only to celebrate current entrepreneurs but also to encourage future innovators by fostering an environment of collaboration and sharing.”

Community Partnerships For A Brighter Future

Other community partners include the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, which has long been a supporter of local businesses and innovations. ArtsBuild, another significant partner, will host the Periscope CHA Pitch Night for artist entrepreneurs on Wednesday, May 1 at RISE Chattanooga. RISE Chattanooga is a central hub for artistic and cultural entrepreneurship in the city.

Innovation Meets Sustainability

Among the highlights of the Entrepreneur Week is the showcase of a local Chattanooga company set to disrupt the housing market with customizable and sustainable modular homes. This innovation comes at a time when affordable, single-family homes are becoming scarce. The creators behind this venture are hoping to fill this gap with dwellings that offer flexibility without compromising on environmental consciousness.

Celebrating Local Businesses

The last day of the week ties in with National Independent Bookstore Day. In line with this, The Book & Cover, a cherished local bookstore in Chattanooga, will host a day-long celebration termed as “The Ink Drink.” This event goes beyond merely promoting a local business; it seeks to foster a shared love for reading and literature among community elements.

With the amalgamation of various industries, from tech startups to artistic ventures, Chattanooga Entrepreneur Week promises to be a dynamic showcase of the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. As the event draws closer, the city’s innovators, both firmly established and budding, eagerly anticipate the opportunity to network, learn and further propel Chattanooga into a bright and promising future of innovation.

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