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Chattanooga Receives $3.5 Million in EPA Funding for Brownfield Cleanup

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Chattanooga Receives $3.5 Million in EPA Funding for Brownfield Cleanup

The city of Chattanooga has been granted $3.5 million in cleanup funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a brownfield cleanup project. The funds will be channeled into addressing pollution on vacant or underused properties, commonly referred to as brownfields. These are usually sites that have been left idle due to contamination from previous industrial or commercial uses.

Investing in Community Health

The substantial funding for this cleanup comes as part of the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The cleanup efforts aim to reduce threats to community health, safety, and the environment. The initiative underscores the potential transformation of these brownfields into vibrant community assets.

“Brownfields can not only be cleaned up but can become community assets, and these federal grants will go a long way in making that happen in Tennessee,” said Greg Young, a Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation deputy commissioner.

Revolving Loan Fund

The significant portion of the funding received by Chattanooga will be directed to its Revolving Loan Fund. This fund has facilitated nine cleanup projects in the past. The essence of the revolving loan funds is the recycling of money as the loan repayments are reinjected into the fund for financing future projects.

Fund Dispersal

Alongside Chattanooga, other areas also benefited from the EPA funding. Dunlap, Tennessee was awarded $630,000 to embark on cleaning up the former Victory Automotive property. Additionally, The South Central Tennessee Development District received $1.5 million to assess brownfields in their 13 counties.

Investing in America Initiative

The EPA announced a total of $300 million in grants, raised by the Investing in America initiative. The funds are meant to assist states, tribal nations, local communities, and nonprofit organizations in cleaning up contaminated brownfield sites throughout the nation.

The cleanup project promises not only a cleaner and safer environment but also the revitalization of spaces that may have been neglected for years due to contamination. With the financial assistance, these areas may see a resurgence, providing opportunities for development and growth in their respective communities.

About Brownfields

Brownfields refer to properties that are vacant or underutilized due to suspected or known contamination. They often include abandoned factories, warehouses, or commercial buildings with a history of industrial processes or storage of hazardous substances. Cleanup and remediation of these sites can turn liabilities into assets, fostering economic growth, creating jobs, leveraging investment, and improving public health while preserving and enhancing green spaces.

The transformation of these brownfields represents an important step towards environmental sustainability and urban revitalization. This initiative helps lay a foundation for stronger, more vibrant communities across the state of Tennessee.

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