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Things to do in Chattanooga Area This Week

Chattanooga cityscape at dusk

Things to do in Chattanooga Area This Week

Chattanooga, with a flurry of events on this week’s calendar, is all set to engage its residents and visitors alike in a myriad of notable happenings. The list includes a significant occasion to remember Ed Johnson, a festive parade, and a charity event. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to anticipate.

Remembering Ed Johnson

One of the standout events this week is the remembrance of Ed Johnson, who was wrongfully lynched on the Walnut Street Bridge in 1906. On March 19th, a special commemoration will be held to honor Johnson’s memory. Participants will gather by the Ed Johnson Memorial, where flowers adorned the monument last year, serving as a poignant reminder of the historic injustice.

Light Up Chatt Parade

This week also brings with it the vibrant Light Up Chatt Parade. Expected to be a grand spectacle, the parade aims to cast a warm, festive glow over the city. Residents and visitors can look forward to a beautifully illuminated procession through the heart of Chattanooga. The event is open for all, thereby serving as a great opportunity for families to enjoy together.

Heart Strings for Hope

Another significant event to note is Heart Strings for Hope, a charity initiative. The event is orchestrated with the aim of raising funds and spreading hope. Heart Strings for Hope provides a heartening platform for community members to do their part in making a difference. As always, the event promises to be an emotionally-charged, impactful occasion.

Chattanooga’s Irish Connection

In sync with the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, Chattanooga also celebrates its Irish connections. Interestingly, the United States boasts a strong Irish heritage, with 31 million residents or one-tenth of the population claiming Irish ancestry as per the 2022 U.S. Census Bureau. Furthermore, in 2021, over 118,000 foreign-born U.S. residents reported Ireland as their birthplace. This week, residents and visitors alike are invited to celebrate and explore this Irish connection further.

The Arts Center

Lastly, no week in Chattanooga is complete without the events and exhibitions at The Arts Center. Located on N. White St., Athens, the center regularly hosts a wide range of inspiring and thought-provoking art events and exhibitions. This week, the Arts Center is prepared to offer a robust roster of activities that appeal to art enthusiasts of all kinds.

In conclusion, Chattanooga is teeming with life, color, and excitement this week. No matter the interest or preference, there’s something for everyone here.

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