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Festivals and Fun in Chattanooga This Weekend

Chattanooga weekend festival celebration.

Festivals and Fun in Chattanooga This Weekend

The vibrant city of Chattanooga is abuzz with many exciting events happening this weekend. Both local residents and travelers will have a plethora of choices to indulge in the city’s cultural richness from the Chattanooga Market’s Strawberry Festival and the Chattanooga Taco Festival, to the quaint tradition of the annual Running of the Chihuahuas.

Strawberry Festival

The Chattanooga Market is back with its annual Strawberry Festival. The festival is a grand celebration of the strawberry harvest season and brings together local farmers, artisan bakers, and chefs who showcase their strawberry-infused creations. From freshly handpicked strawberries, scrumptious strawberry pies, cakes, and jams, to refreshing strawberry cocktails, this festival is a foodie’s paradise.

The Chattanooga Taco Festival

Food lovers can get their fill of delicious tacos at the Chattanooga Taco Festival. This gastronomic event features local food trucks and restaurants offering their unique taco recipes for the public to enjoy. The event also includes live music performances, beer stands, and a ‘Best Taco’ competition, truly making it a fiesta of flavors and fun.

Running of the Chihuahuas

The annual Running of the Chihuahuas is set to bring laughter and cuteness back to the city. This much-loved event witnesses pet owners and enthusiasts come together for a friendly race featuring the smallest dog breed – the Chihuahua. Scheduled to take place at the First Horizon Pavilion, the event offers an afternoon full of laughter, cheer, and community bonding.

Additional Attractions

Alongside these primary events, Chattanooga is also all set to celebrate Star Wars Day with numerous themed activities and offers at various locations in the city. Mineral enthusiasts and collectors can look forward to the Rock and Mineral Show, which promises a treasure trove of unique geological finds.

The city will also host the annual Armed Forces Parade to honor and celebrate the service of the military personnel. The parade, marked by marching bands and a showcase of military equipment, is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the armed forces.

Creative Arts Showcase

Art lovers can visit the Creative Arts Guild which is currently hosting the exhibition “ATL Imported: A Showcase of Atlanta Art”. This exhibition will run till May 31 and offers visitors a glimpse into the creativity that thrives in Atlanta. Featuring works by artists who live and create in the Atlanta area, the exhibition showcases a variety of talents within Georgia’s capital city.

Whether you’re an arts enthusiast, food lover, or simply someone seeking some weekend fun, Chattanooga has got you covered with this exciting line-up. Come soak in the city’s festive spirit this weekend.

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