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Chattanooga Film Festival’s First Wave Of 2024 Films And Events

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Chattanooga Film Festival’s First Wave Of 2024 Films And Events

The acclaimed Chattanooga Film Festival kicked off its eleventh edition with a slew of films and events that show their seriousness about Spinal Tap references. The first wave of programming for 2024 features eleven films, one to represent each year of the festival.

Eclectic Selection of Films and Events

A world premiere seeped in VHS-nostalgia, “RetroTech Romance Video Vision”, heads the lineup of films. The festival’s schedule also includes a massive tribute to The Twilight Zone and its creator, Rod Serling, to honor his 100th birthday.

The festival promises a grand mix of both virtual and in-person events that it’s famous for. The organizing team has worked hard to ensure accessibility for all, providing options for the audience to tune in on-site or virtually.

Fan Favorites Return

Among returning favorites, author Clay McCleod Chapman, is set for his yearly appearance with live storytelling. His event “The Pumpkin Pie Show” is a must-see CFF tradition. Filmmaker and author, Izzy Lee, also returns to sign copies of her new novella “I Can See Your Lies.”

Ambitious Collaborations

Adding to the list of partnerships with forward-thinking movie curating companies, CFF has teamed up with Art Brut Films for a special screening of “Sweet Relief,” a unique take on the slasher genre. Dread is presenting another special screening, “Ghost Game,” by long-time CFF alum filmmaker, Jill Gevargizian.

Unique Experiences

The festival utilizes its unique venue, The Read House Hotel, to create unique experiences suited to the vibes of the location. An event exploring the life and death of Edgar Allan Poe, “Poe Things: An Edgar Allan Show” that features a secret screening of one of the best film adaptations of Poe’s work, is one such unique event.

A seven-night series of secret screenings exclusive to the festival’s virtual platform, known as the “Red Eye block” returns after a successful run in 2023.

First Wave of 2024 Films

The first wave of films for the 2024 Chattanooga Film Festival features an eccentric mix of stories from a charming ghost story to a satirical documentary on a mid-life crisis. From inventive new takes on vampire stories to time-travel comedies and modern fairy tales, the lineup covers all hallmarks beloved by the festival’s fans, affectionately known as the summer camp for cinephiles.

The increasingly popular festival boasts prestigious titles from internationally recognized film publications and platforms. With its tenacious commitment to audience and filmmaker accessibility, warm-hearted southern hospitality, and consistently surprising programming, the Chattanooga Film Festival in its eleven years has secured a steadfast position in the global film festival circuit.

For the festival’s generous early bird discounts until March 21, fans can visit the festival’s official site.

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