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Mugs and Munchies: Top 10 Food and Beer Pairings in Chattanooga Area

Beer and food pairing

Mugs and Munchies: Top 10 Food and Beer Pairings in Chattanooga Area


Chattanooga, a city renowned for its diverse culinary and brewing landscape, offers an abundance of food choices that pair impeccably with some of the finest local brews. Recently, an adventure full of cheesiness, crunchiness, and saltiness unfolded in this southeastern Tennessee city when a group of local college students embarked on a quest for the best beer-friendly foods.

The Mission

The objective was straightforward – explore the food scene of Chattanooga, sampling entrees and appetizers from a multitude of bars and establishments, all in hope to find some of the most crave-worthy beer foods. For the sake of safety and bearing in mind that some students were under the legal drinking age – no beer was consumed during this mission. Instead, the participants relied heavily on the expertise and recommendations of each establishment’s staff who proffered advice on which beer would contribute immensely to the flavors and experience of each dish.

The Top 10 Food and Beer Pairings

The result of this culinary exploration presented a list of ten exemplary food and beer pairings that everyone, locals and tourists alike, should definitely try on their visit to Chattanooga.

Burrata and Pilsner

Starting off the list is the creamy delight, Burrata, bursting with soft, milky cheese, which is heightened when paired with a crisp and light Pilsner. The beer’s tangy carbonation cuts through the luxurious richness of the cheese, allowing for a balanced flavor experience.

Pulled Pork Nachos with IPA

Loaded pulled pork nachos, doused in barbeque sauce, and smothered with gooey cheese, when paired with a hopped IPA, make up for a winning combination. The robust flavors in the pork and sharpness of the beer meld together to form an explosion of taste.

Fish and Chips with English Ale

A classic British duo – fish and chips, are elevated to new heights when paired with a pint of traditional English Ale. The malty sweetness in the beer complements the greasy crunchiness of the fish and chips, creating a symphony of flavor and texture.

The remaining seven pairings include Chicken Wings with Stout, Veggie Pizza with Wheat Beer, Ribeye Steak with Brown Ale, Pretzel and Cheese Dip with Blonde Ale, Spicy Tacos with Lager, Sourdough Pizza with Farmhouse Saison, and ending the list on a sweet note – Chocolate Lava Cake with Raspberry Lambic.


Regardless of whether you are a food lover, a beer enthusiast, or simply intrigued by the art of pairing, these culinary combinations are sure to entice your palate and provide an unforgettable Chattanooga food and beer experience, making your visit to this city a truly satiating sojourn.

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