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Chattanooga Gains Eight New Local Projects Secured by Community Project Funds

Community project funding impact

Chattanooga Gains Eight New Local Projects Secured by Community Project Funds


Through the federal Community Project Funds program, $26 million was allocated to eight different projects in Chattanooga, TN. This critical effort, championed by State Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, will catalyze local development and expansion projects, set to have significant impacts on citywide connectivity, traffic safety and quantum exploration.

Alton Park Connector Trail | $6.4 million

This project will create a shared-use path linking Alton Park to the Riverwalk and Southside Community Park. This path, along a former rail line parallel to 33rd Street, will enhance connectivity, making it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to access workplaces, schools, and social hubs from Broad Street and into downtown.

Cummings Highway | $5 million

Efforts to improve traffic safety and flow will be bolstered by the expansion of the stretch from Browns Ferry Road to Tennessee Avenue. Key enhancements include two railroad underpasses, a median, turn lanes, and shoulders.

Broad Street Redesign | $3.5 million

This project proposes a comprehensive revamp of the corridor between Aquarium Way and MLK Boulevard to stimulate economic activity and augment the city’s open public space. Persistent efforts will enable the reconfiguration of travel lanes, bicycling facilities, and improved transit stops with sidewalk expansions.

EPB Quantum | $4 million

In a significant development for Chattanooga, a generous portion of funding will encourage the establishment of the EPB Quantum Network. This pioneering shift in technology can optimize network operations, research, application development, data analytics, and workforce programs.

UTC Quantum Center | $3.5 million

UTC’s Quantum Center aims to embrace the EPB’s quantum network within a year and pioneer quantum information and science engineering programs. This Center will also create a user lab for educational outreach aimed at K-12th graders—an impact especially resonant in underserved communities—and contribute to workforce development.

UTC Mobility Ecosystems | $2.4 million

To progress transportation advancements, this project will launch two low-cost pilot testbeds in Chattanooga and Cleveland. Funds will be invested in hardware, communications technology, and safety-themed projects.

211 Services | $1.5 million

This project will expand United Ways of Greater Chattanooga’s services by establishing a job line. This initiative will facilitate a state-of-the-art call system connecting individuals with employers, job training, and social service support networks.

CPD Tech Upgrades | $850,000

Aiming to enhance overall public safety, this endeavor envisions streamlining current processes. Improvements include faster crime scene analyses, evidence gathering, efficient processing, and a strategic move towards paperless processes.

HERE News Network will continue to report on the progress of these projects and their impacts on the Chattanooga community.

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