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Two Held in Connection with Chattanooga Gas Station Shooting and Targeting Incident

Gas station surveillance footage.

Two Held in Connection with Chattanooga Gas Station Shooting and Targeting Incident

Chattanooga, Tennesse

The tragic event occurred at a local gas station in Chattanooga where an unsuspecting teenager fell victim to a calculated assault. The assailants, identified as Allen Ray, an 18-year-old, and Dominique Lebron Collins, a 35-year-old, were arrested and charged last week with attempted first-degree murder and reckless endangerment.

On the morning of April 20, the victim, alongside his elder brother, fell under attack at the Kanku’s gas station on Shallowford Road. Two suspects reportedly emerged from a car and began firing at their vehicle. According to a report furnished by the Police, the violent episode occurred amidst innocent bystanders, causing panic in the gas station parking lot and inside the store.

Aftermath of the Assault

Inside the car, the younger brother sustained an injury to his arm, however, authorities confirmed that the wounds were non-threatening. Following the beginning of the attack, the elder brother took evasive action and attempted to vacate the gas station. Despite the incoming hail of bullets, their car was hot on their trail of the escaping vehicle, with Collins reportedly chasing behind.

Once at the scene, the police discovered 36 spent shell casings scattered around the vicinity of the gas station. After detaining Ray, he confessed to being one of the shooters. Police found an assortment of illegal narcotics in Collins’ backpack while he was being apprehended, according to additional information obtained from an affidavit.

Robert Brown, another suspect who was inside the vehicle during the shooting, was also identified by the police. The report, however, doesn’t clarify his exact involvement in the incident.

Charges and Response

The case against the assailants is building, with Collins being charged with attempted first-degree murder, reckless endangerment, and possession of drugs for resale. Police have yet to release a motive for the shooting.

As investigations continue, Chattanooga Police are appealing to the public for any information relating to the case. Authorities have condemned the violent act, ensuring citizens that they are doing their utmost to ensure public safety and to hold the culprits accountable.

Innocent bystanders and other eye witnesses who were present during the shooting can contact the Chattanooga police to provide any relevant information that may support the ongoing investigation.

The event comes as a stark reminder of the need for continued efforts ensuring public safety and thwart threatening acts of violence targeting innocent persons in public spaces.

News of the arrests has brought relative relief to the community, assuaging fears and proving that justice is sought swiftly in Chattanooga. Yet, the incident serves as a poignant illustration of the persistent risks posed by gun violence and illegal drug trafficking. Greater collaboration between residents, authorities, and elected representatives is required to foster a safer community.

The Chattanooga Police Department has reiterated its commitment to upholding law, order and justice, emphasizing its continued quest to ensure a safer Chattanooga.

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