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A Revitalized Chattanooga Hotel, Set Inside a Restored Train Station

"Vintage train station hotel"

A Revitalized Chattanooga Hotel, Set Inside a Restored Train Station

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, a $19 million restoration project has breathed new life into a once bustling turn-of-the-century train station. The enriched Chattanooga Choo Choo, now known as the Hotel Chalet at the Choo Choo, offers guests a unique blend of historical charm and modern luxury.

Hotel Chalet at the Choo Choo: A Unique Blend of History and Luxury

The Hotel Chalet at the Choo Choo effortlessly melds nostalgia for the bygone era of train travel with premium modern amenities, offering guests a one-of-a-kind lodging experience. Each of the 102 rejuvenated guest rooms in the original Choo Choo building boasts modern amenities such as heated bathroom floors, Bluetooth speakers, and 55-inch high-definition smart TVs.

For those yearning to dive deeper into the golden age of rail travel, the hotel also offers accommodations in a beautifully restored Pullman train carriage. These are luxuriously decorated with art nouveau wallpaper, jewel-toned furniture, and vintage Tiffany glass pendant lamps, transporting guests back in time while ensuring their complete comfort.

On-Site Amenities and Dining

While staying true to its historical roots, the Hotel Chalet at the Choo Choo does not shy away from providing top-notch facilities. The property boasts a glittering pool and lush courtyard where guests can unwind. The caboose car bar, situated in the courtyard, offers an array of refreshing beverages to enhance the relaxation experience.

Housing its own chic on-site restaurant, Elsie’s Daughter, named after the original train station architect’s wife, the hotel aims to satiate guests’ gastronomic needs as well. Specializing in French-Belgian cuisine, the restaurant’s menu includes delicacies like bone marrow tartine and mussels. The cocktail menu, with offerings named after iconic artists, adds a fun and creative touch to the dining experience.

Local Recommendations from Jessica LaRosa

Jessica LaRosa, the Hotel Chalet’s managing director, shares her own Chattanooga favorites for the benefit of guests. For a pleasant brunch, she recommends the Rosecomb, where the vibe, service, food and drinks, all come together perfectly to ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

The Local Dive Retail, a treasure trove of vintage items, is Jessica’s go-to place for a little retail therapy. For a unique drinking experience, she suggests visiting Attack of the Tatsu, a Japanese speakeasy ramen bar that serves sake in traditional masu boxes, delivering a slice of Japanese culture right in Chattanooga.

Experience a Slice of History

The Hotel Chalet at the Choo Choo, with its unique blend of historical charm and modern luxury, is inviting guests to embark on an unforgettable journey through time. Apart from providing excellent lodging facilities, it also serves as a symbol of Chattanooga’s rich history and its dedication to preserving it.

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