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Chattanooga Set to Be a Key Player as Computing Embraces Quantum

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Chattanooga Set to Be a Key Player as Computing Embraces Quantum

May 22, 2024

Chattanooga – As the even more powerful quantum computers, which are set to surpass the record-breaking computational capacity of the $600 million Frontier supercomputer in Oak Ridge National Laboratory, come to fruition over the next couple of decades, Chattanooga could play a significant role in the technology’s development and integration.

A Quantum Leap in Computing

The EPB of Chattanooga has adapted its fiber optic network, which provides the fastest community-wide internet in the U.S., to construct the nation’s inaugural commercial quantum network. According to technology enthusiasts, this advancement could significantly amplify computing and sensing capacity, catalyzing an artificial intelligence revolution that demands less energy than current computers.

The Power of Quantum Computing

Quantum computers leverage quantum bits (qubits) as their fundamental information unit instead of conventional bits, thereby increasing their computational capacity while using far less energy. While traditional bits process information as a zero or a one, qubits exploit the countless fractional possibilities between zero and one to process information more rapidly.

Chattanooga: The Potential Quantum Hub

In Chattanooga, various businesses are now considering or have already begun to create facilities to link with one of the nodes of the quantum network. This movement signifies Chattanooga’s potential as a quantum industry leader bolstered by its quantum network, high-speed internet service, and support for quantum-related technology and workforce development from the city’s university, non-profit organizations, government, and businesses.

Touting the potential of the city, one speaker at a recent roundtable discussion said, “Chattanooga is special for many reasons, and with the world’s first commercial quantum network and the links with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, you have all the right ingredients to be an innovator in this crucial space.”

Quantum versus the Energy Crisis

The advent of quantum computers can enhance computing capacity exponentially compared to today’s digital computers while using 6,000 times less energy to perform their work. Consequently, this breakthrough is expected to be critical for fueling the artificial intelligence revolution, considering the significant spike in electricity demand against a backdrop of roughly a decade of nearly flat power requirements.

Nurturing the Quantum Industry

Efforts are being made to encourage the growth of America’s quantum industry in order to compete with international powers such as China. Several legislations to stimulate quantum technology development have been forwarded in the U.S. Senate, including bills that call for a solid foundation in this technology and endorse public-private partnerships for near-term quantum application development and acceleration.


Quantum technology stands as a key tool in advancing AI technologies required for sustainable mobility. With its infrastructure, industrial strengths, and the country’s first commercial quantum network, Chattanooga could be at the forefront of this emerging technology.

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