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O-Fish-Ally Awesome: Aquarium Joins Library Family Pass Program in Chattanooga

Library and aquarium collaboration.

O-Fish-Ally Awesome: Aquarium Joins Library Family Pass Program in Chattanooga

Strategic Collaboration Will Enhance Access to Cultural Experiences

In an exciting new development, the Tennessee Aquarium has officially joined forces with the Chattanooga Public Library as part of the Family Pass Program. This beneficial partnership will enable those with a current Chattanooga Public Library card to checkout Aquarium Family Passes for free, offering participating families a more accessible gateway to enjoyable and enriching cultural experiences.

Aquarium Passes Now Available at All Library Locations

In a noteworthy move that’s bound to bring a significant boost in community engagement, these all-inclusive passes are now available for checkout at all library locations. Each pass covers the admission fee for 2 adults and up to 5 children, providing them with access to the extensive and varied exhibits of freshwater and marine life at the Tennessee Aquarium. From the River Journey building to the Ocean Journey building, cardholders can look forward to diving into a world of aquatic exploration.

The Tennessee Aquarium: Not Just an Attraction, but an Experience

Ranked as one of the top-rated aquariums in the nation and highly popular within its regional sphere, the Tennessee Aquarium’s inclusion in this initiative will inevitably bring a significant value-addition to the public library card. Offering face-to-face experiences with aquatic life from all over the globe, the Aquarium is not merely an attraction, but a one-of-a-kind learning experience that educates and inspires visitors about the wonders of our planet’s aqua-biosphere.

Enhancing Community Engagement Through the Summer Reading Programs

As indicated by Keith Sanford, the President and CEO of the Aquarium, this program’s summer launch has the potential to increase accessibility for Chattanooga families to the Aquarium’s educational offerings. Besides this, it can also act as an effective catalyst for boosting engagement in the Summer Reading Programs.

More Than Just An Aquarium

The Library takes a step further in enhancing Chattanooga’s cultural experiences by offering family passes to a variety of attractions including Chattanooga Football Club matches, Chattanooga Zoo, Creative Discovery Museum, and more.


By creating this well-curated, exclusive access to the Tennessee Aquarium and various other regionally notable attractions, the Chattanooga Public Library is making big waves towards creating a unified Chattanooga. Their commitment to providing enriching cultural experiences for all Chattanoogans is evident and commendable. The Library’s initiative in partnering with the Tennessee Aquarium and other institutes signals a vibrant community that prioritizes knowledge, culture, and inclusivity.

Source: HERE News Network. Author: HERE News.

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