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Chattanooga’s Upcoming Live Music Scene Brings Variety To All

Diverse crowd at concert.

Chattanooga’s Upcoming Live Music Scene Brings Variety To All

Music To Every Ear Through April 10

With a rich musical legacy, Chattanooga, draped in a comfortable 70.0°F and mostly cloudy weather, has a whirlwind of music events lined up through April 10. All genres, be it jazz, country, rock, blues, or folk, will find a home on Chattanooga’s diverse musical ground, making it an exceptional space for music lovers. The city’s local music scene has always been a dynamic blend of talent, creativity, and genre-hopping experiments, producing a unique rhythmic finger of the Chattanooga pulse.

Live Music Memoir

Chattanooga’s emblematic EG Kight Trio will grace the Barking Legs Theater with an anticipated performance on Saturday. The doors open at 6:30 PM, for an enriching music evening starting at 7:30 PM. Popular artists and fresh faces from the Chattanooga music scene will also tinge the upcoming music gatherings with their electro-infused talents from April 3 to April 10.

The Music Boulevard Ahead

Wander Jam Open Mic at Wanderlinger Brewery, Wine with Eric Kirkendoll at 1885 Grill (St Elmo), flipturn with Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners at The Signal, are a few of the enticing music events that will cater to the eclectic tastes of Chattanooga’s ever-expanding musical palette on 3rd April. Thunderstruck, America’s Ultimate Tribute to AC/DC at The Signal and The Whole Fam Damily at Farm To Fork are among the many performances scheduled for 5th April.

The lively music marathon continues throughout the week with multiple events lined up, including Open Mic Comedy at JJ’s Bohemia on 4th April, Folk Around, and Find Out at Barrelhouse on 5th April. Brothers Osborne’s Might As Well Be Us Tour at Walker Theater and Mark Normand’s Ya Don’t Say Tour at Walker Theatre promise to raise the bar for Chattanooga’s music scene on 5th and 6th April respectively.

A Delightful Musical Closure

This musical journey strides into the subsequent week with Monday Night Blues Jam with Robin Baker at Gate 11 Distillery on 8th April. The Widom & War & Ritual Killer event at Dark Roast, and The Daly Special at Portofino’s Symposium are set for the 9th and 10th April respectively, ensuring a tune-filled closure to the music spree.

Music continues to be an integral part of Chattanooga’s lively social scene, connecting communities, and bringing people together. As the music scene in Chattanooga evolves and grows, it promises to offer an eclectic mix of genres, and unique performances to cater to all tastes and preferences.

The city of Chattanooga invites music lovers, makers, and movers of all kinds to be part of our city’s thriving music scene. Event organizers can send their invites for co-hosting to Chattanooga Live Music (Mark A Herndon) to amplify your events, signifying the city’s commitment to promoting local talent and creating music-friendly spaces.

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