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Chattanooga Man Assaulted, Hit by Assailant’s Car

Hit and run escape

Chattanooga Man Assaulted, Hit by Assailant’s Car

Unprovoked Assault Leaves Man in Serious Condition

A Chattanooga man is clinging to life after an unprovoked assault and vehicular attack, local authorities confirmed. The incident was reported on the 5400 block of Mountain Creek Road shortly after midnight on Tuesday, according to HERE News Network.

Upon arrival, officers discovered a 36-year-old male victim severely injured and lying next to a demolished fence. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel transported him to a local hospital, where he remains in critical condition due to life-threatening injuries.

Witness Accounts

Several witnesses depicted a chilling scene. A man, without any discernible motive, approached the victim and subjected him to a physical assault. The attacker, afterward, proceded to get into his vehicle and drove intentionally towards the victim, hitting him twice with the vehicle, according to eyewitness accounts.

Suspect Apprehended

Based on a thorough investigation by Detective Bulkley and the Homicide Unit, 20-year-old Matthew Blake Reynolds was pinpointed as the primary suspect. Multiple key pieces of evidence were instrumental in his identification and subsequent arrest.

Reynolds is currently facing several charges, including attempted first-degree murder, felony reckless endangerment, felony evasion of arrest, and resistance to stop, halt, frisk, arrest, or search. His motive for the seemingly unprovoked assault remains under investigation.

Bystanders React

The shocking incident left locals reeling, painting a picture of fear and disbelief. Residents of the normally quiet Chattanooga community have voiced their concerns and express hope that justice will be served.

Next Steps

The case remains under the jurisdiction of local authorities. Further updates will be provided as the investigation unfolds. Authorities have reassured the public that Reynolds is in custody and poses no further immediate threat to the community.

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