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Chattanooga Man Charged with Woman’s Murder: Key Evidence Played in Court

Courtroom Evidence Presentation Scene

Chattanooga Man Charged with Woman’s Murder: Key Evidence Played in Court

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – A chilling piece of evidence, a Ring video, was played in a Tennessee court on Thursday, highlighting crucial moments in a case revolving around the murder of a local woman.

VIDEO – A Crucial Piece of Evidence

43-year-old Lawrence Foster Goodine, a former Chattanooga Police officer, stands accused in the grisly November 2023 murder of 48-year-old wellness and recovery advocate, Kara Akins. Prosecutors presented a critical piece of evidence filmed from a neighbor’s Ring video security system, which they believe visibly recounts the fatal encounter between the accused and the victim.

The Ring footage purportedly displays a heated altercation between Goodine and Akins, unmistakable animosity spiked with tension. As explained by the prosecution, “You’ll see Ms. Akins exit the the driver’s seat of the vehicle…after that, you will see Mr. Goodine exit the passenger seat of the vehicle and it will take quite a few steps just walking. Following Miss Aikens and then, after those steps, he starts jogging or running after her.”

Discrepancies in Goodine’s Statement

When questioned, Goodine relayed a seemingly harmless evening wherein the pair returned from a dinner outing, purchased cigarettes at a gas station, followed by an intimate encounter back home. Goodine insisted that Akins had seemingly acted under the influence of narcotics during the evening and had been found unresponsive the following morning, prompting him to suspect an overdose.

However, contradicting Goodine’s version of events, the autopsy revealed no trace of narcotics within Akins’ system. Instead, a telling sign of physical assault was revealed – evidence indicating strangulation.

Other Incriminating Evidence

Aside from the autoplaying Ring video, investigators testified that traces of blood were found smeared on a couch and carpet in Akins’ living room. Goodine’s wallet was also reportedly found at the crime scene, hintening more to his involvement in the incident.

Charges and Consequences

In light of the collected evidence, Goodine is charged with first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping. Tampering with evidence charges was dismissed by Judge Gary Starnes, which furthered discussions about the case. However, asserting the severity of the case, Judge Starnes maintained Goodine’s bond at over $3 million, categorising him as both, “a danger to the community” and a flight risk.

A Stirring Memoriam

Family members remember Kara Akins as a loving mother of seven children, founder of a nonprofit aimed at aiding individuals struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse, and trauma. She was revered for her remarkable kindness and compassion, tragically, much more than just a victim of this heinous act. Her loss echoes painfully within those who knew her and loved her.

The HERE News Network will continue to provide updates on Goodine’s case as new developments come to light.

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