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Chattanooga Man Convicted in Viral Road Rage Incident Charged with Violating Probation

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Chattanooga Man Convicted in Viral Road Rage Incident Charged with Violating Probation

Michael Harvey Arrested After Failing to Comply with Probation Terms

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – A Chattanooga man who recently made headlines for a viral road rage event is back in the limelight, this time for reportedly violating his probation. Michael Harvey, having been sentenced to seven days of jail time and ten public workdays for terrorizing another driver last year, is charged with probation violation less than a week after this verdict was announced.

The Incident That Sparked A Media Storm

While the assault and battery incident involving Harvey and another motorist took place last year, it was not until footage of the appalling affair surfaced online that it went viral, leading to Harvey’s conviction. The video distinctly showed Harvey engaging in aggressive behavior with another driver on a Chattanooga road. The initial conviction was for four counts, reflecting the seriousness of Harvey’s conduct.

Violation of Probation

Following his sentencing, Harvey was released on probation terms that included an annual drug test. However, less than a week post his sentencing, online records indicated that Harvey had failed to submit to this mandatory drug screen. This violation caused local law enforcement officers to arrest Harvey on Monday, further charging him with a probation violation for each of the four counts for which he was originally convicted.

Harvey’s Prior Apology

Harvey had last been heard from at his sentencing hearing, where he issued a public apology to his victim, their families, and the wider Chattanooga community for his actions. This incident, however, is likely to reinstate any public disapprobation of Harvey that may have been momentarily assuaged by his apology.

Additional details about this event will be shared as the authorities conduct an ongoing investigation into the matter. The HERE News Network will remain steadfast in its commitment to providing timely and valuable updates about this unfolding story.

Previous Stories

This news comes after a string of reports related to Harvey’s case, including his conviction in the road rage event captured on video that initially shook the Chattanooga community, as well as his subsequent indictment by the Hamilton County Grand Jury. Our readers are encouraged to remain informed of this continually developing story.

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