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Jurors Find Chattanooga Man Guilty of Criminally Negligent Homicide

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Jurors Find Chattanooga Man Guilty of Criminally Negligent Homicide

Chattanooga, Tennessee Conviction Update

The Hamilton County trial of Marvin Menifee has concluded with jurors delivering the verdict on Friday, March 8th, 2024. After hours of painstaking deliberation, Menifee was found not guilty of first and second degrees of murder, as well as instances of reckless homicide in connection with the death of Alfred Pitmon. Menifee, however, was declared guilty of criminally negligent homicide.

Post the verdict, Menifee’s bond was subsequently revoked by the presiding judge. The news will bring some closure to Pitmon’s family and friends, who await information regarding Menifee’s sentencing hearing.

Investigation and Accusations

On Thursday, March 7th, as a critical part of the trial, Detective Daryl Slaughter took to the stand. The detective, who played a pivotal role in investigating the crime scene and questioning Menifee following the death of Pitmon, was cross-examined about potentially intimidating tactics employed during his interrogation of the defendant.

According to Slaughter, video footage captured Menifee returning to the crime scene, allegedly professing to have shot his uncle on camera. Menifee’s defense, however, raised questions about Slaughter’s authenticity, suggesting the detective had attempted to bait Menifee with doctored footage, further arguing that Menifee’s confession was gained under deceiving circumstances.

The defense highlighted that Menifee’s confession came around only after the detectives announced the closure of camera recording, unbeknownst to Menifee that the cameras in the interrogation room were still functional.

The Charges and the Trial

Menifee, originally brought to trial on two separate murder charges, waived his right to testify and now awaits sentencing for his conviction of criminally negligent homicide. He had been accused of murder in the past and was bonded out in the year 2023, but had found himself accused of a second homicide just weeks following his release. This return to criminal activities had prompted widespread discussions and renewed scrutiny over justice served in Hamilton County.

Throughout the trial, Menifee’s former girlfriend along with a crime scene investigator from the Chattanooga Police Department, were some of the witnesses called to the stand. Both provided crucial information about the chain of events and the evidence gathered at the crime scenes.

Witness Intimidation Concerns

Meanwhile, Hamilton County Criminal Court Judge Boyd Patterson had raised concerns about possible witness intimidation, citing reports of alleged threats delivered by the Menifee family. Patterson warned that should such accusations be proven, the possible repercussions could lead to charges of coercion of a witness, possible banning from the courtroom, and potential influence on the outcome of the trial. Investigations concerning the allegations of witness intimidation are ongoing.

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