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Chattanooga’s Novonix Plant Key in Developing Domestic Synthetic Graphite, Says Federal Official

Green graphite production facility.

Chattanooga’s Novonix Plant Key in Developing Domestic Synthetic Graphite, Says Federal Official

At the forefront of domestic synthetic graphite production is Chattanooga’s battery materials factory, Novonix. The facility has recently received a significant influx of funding, including grant and tax credits totaling $203 million from the Biden administration, confirming the facility’s critical role in developing a domestic supply chain for the key battery manufacturing component.

A Proposed Answer to Supply Chain Diversification

According to U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy David M. Turk, who recently visited the facility, Novonix’s mission aligns with the need for diversification of our synthetic graphite supply chain that is largely reliant on imports from China currently. “Graphite is coming from China. That makes me nervous. These investments are allowing us to diversify our supply chain,” he commented during his factory tour.

Fueling the EV Market and the Domestic Economy

Synthetic graphite is an integral material in the production of electric vehicle (EV) batteries – an industry that, despite a recent slowdown in sales, holds much promise for future growth, as mentioned by Turk. He pointed out that “market penetration is at about 11% and has quadrupled since President Joe Biden took office in 2021.”

Moreover, Novonix is contributing to job growth and the economic development of the region, with a plan to employ about 300 people at the former Alstom factory at The Bend, where it is readying for 2025 production with revolutionary technology.

Promoting Sustainable Energy Development

This initiative aligns with the provisions and aspirations of the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which encourage investments in manufacturing nationally. The COO of Novonix, Darcy MacDougald, talked about the company’s intent to push for its first large-scale production of high-quality synthetic graphite in North America in 2025. Expressing the optimism of the company and the community, U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann said, “We can rebuild our industrial base.”

Futures Plans and Investment

Novonix also spoke of further ambitious projects, notably a second plant that is to be built on a greenfield site, for which the company is in discussions with federal officials about a potential loan program. Although the company hasn’t yet confirmed a location, MacDougald hinted that Chattanooga could be a possibility, praising its supportive environment and the incentives it lays out for businesses.

The Impact of Trade Policies

Turk highlighted the role of trade policies and the implementation of new tariffs on synthetic graphite from China in ensuring fair competition and safeguarding national interests. He made it clear that these trade policies provide an essential tool to protect the country.

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