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After Chattanooga Officers Find Themselves in Crossfire, 2 Charged with Attempted Murder

Police officers under fire.

After Chattanooga Officers Find Themselves in Crossfire, 2 Charged with Attempted Murder

Alleged Drive-by Shooting Turns Chaotic

In a shocking incident, two suspects have been charged with attempted murder after a chaotic drive-by shooting. Undoubtedly, the occupants of a gray sedan parked at a nearby gas station on Glenwood Avenue were the intended targets. However, police in the area find themselves caught in the unexpected crossfire.

Three Officers in the Line of Fire

The incident, which took place in the vicinity of McCallie Avenue and Glenwood Drive, saw three Chattanooga police officers on the receving end of a dangerous drive-by shooting. The officers, who were stationed in an unmarked police vehicle, were unsuspecting targets as multiple rounds impacted around their vehicle. While initially fearing their lives, they soon realized the shots fired were possibly aimed at a gray sedan parked at a nearby gas station.

Chase Leads to Arrests

Despite the frightening ordeal, the officers acted swiftly, trailing the suspects’ vehicle – a silver Chevy Impala – while alerting dispatchers and additional patrol cars. Once backup arrived, officers stopped and searched the vehicle, leading to two arrests.

Suspects and Evidence

The suspects were identified as 20-year-old Deizmon L. Gladden, suspected of firing shots from the back seat of the vehicle, and 23-year-old Marlon Jashawn Eberhardt, who authorities believe was at the wheel. A third occupant of the Impala, seated in the front passenger seat, claimed to have been caught off-guard by the gunshots and was subsequently not charged.

Upon searching the vehicle, officers discovered a range of damning evidence. They reported a strong odor of marijuana, and sighted cannabis residue throughout the car. A loaded Glock 22 .40 caliber gun was discovered inside a backpack, accompanied by a standalone gun holster and numerous loaded handgun magazines. A single live round was found in the driver’s seat.

Developments and Charges

Authorities are currently searching for the original intended target, only known to have been a passenger in the parked gray sedan and seen on surveillance footage switching vehicles and leaving the area.

Both Gladden and Eberhardt face serious charges, including three counts of aggravated assault, attempted first-degree murder, and reckless endangerment. Additionally, Gladden, the suspected shooter, faces charges of firearm possession during the commission of a felony.

While the investigation is ongoing, both the Chattanooga Police Department and the community express gratitude for the safety of the officers and commend their bravery and quick action during the harrowing incident.

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