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Chattanooga Parks Seeks Community Help to Combat Vandalism at Wheland Foundry Trailhead

Vandalism cleanup volunteer effort.

Chattanooga Parks Seeks Community Help to Combat Vandalism at Wheland Foundry Trailhead

Community Action Against Vandalism

Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors is urging locals to stand by their side in an ongoing struggle to tackle graffiti and property destruction at the Wheland Foundry Trailhead. The parks office reports frequent calls for damage, some weeks peaking at two or three. To combat this, the department has initiated a volunteer paint day, a community-engaging initiative set to wipe out graffiti traces along the Riverwalk.

The photos, depicting the gravity of the graffiti issue at Wheland Foundry, reveal the urgent need for community assistance. “When it comes to graffiti, it might take a couple of days versus something that might be broken and exposed. It could be something that’s harmful to someone that visits the park,” warns Brian Smith of Chattanooga Parks & Outdoors.

Maintaining Parks: More Than Meets the Eye

Apart from the upcoming initiative, additional measures are necessary to restore and maintain the parks. These aren’t limited to tackling graffiti but encompass a broad spectrum of actions that ensure a clean and safe park environment, albeit incurring time and costs. Smith highlights these struggles, stating, “When we do have to take care of graffiti like this, that takes away time from us planting or helping to beautify the park. And in some cases, it can be very costly as well. You have to think about not only graffiti but broken toilets, destruction to bathrooms, and the list can go on.”

Collaborative Effort

Wardening off vandalism is a collaborative effort. To ensure control over vandalism, Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors partners with the Chattanooga Police. If necessary, they deploy patrols, extra patrols, and park ambassadors during high-vandalism periods, ensuring heightened vigilance and safety in the area.

Call to Action: Volunteer Paint Day

The volunteer-based event set to tackle graffiti, aptly named “Volunteer Paint Day,” is scheduled to occur on Saturday, May 11, starting at 8.a.m. Meanwhile, Chattanooga Parks & Outdoors crews continue their extensive job pressure washing and prepping the area for the much-anticipated makeover.

A Plea for Respect

The parks officials make a plea to both visitors and locals to refrain from destroying property, which causes enormous strain on their team and can significantly affect their response rate. “It goes without saying, we discourage residents and visitors from destroying our property.” The hope is that the community-driven painting initiative will not only beautify the area but also deter potential vandals.

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