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Chattanooga Police Increase Downtown Patrols After Shooting Near Champy’s

Police patrolling downtown streets.

Chattanooga Police Step Up Downtown Patrols Following Shooting Incident Near Champy’s

Increased Police Presence Planned

In light of a recent shooting outside of local eatery, Champy’s, Chattanooga police have decided to deploy additional officers to the downtown area. The extra patrols will consist of officers working over time, according to department spokesperson Sgt. Victor Miller.

Miller emphasized the deployment of extra overtime units, use of bike patrol and officers trained in cycling but not stationed in the bike patrol unit. These officers will make use of bikes and e-bikes during their overtime shifts.

A Response to Recent Incidents

This decision came in the wake of a shooting outside Champy’s on M.L. King Boulevard that resulted in two people being injured. The increased police presence is not limited to the area surrounding Champy’s, but will be visible throughout the downtown area, Miller confirmed.

The exact number of additional officers being dispatched to the downtown region isn’t fixed, with Miller explaining, “It could fluctuate by need, resources and intelligence.”

The police department previously reinforced security measures downtown late last year following the murder of local businessman Chris Wright outside Patten Towers. These extra patrols remain operational and are similarly staffed by officers on overtime.

Detailed Account of the Shooting

On the evening of the incident, eyewitnesses reported that two men in the Champy’s parking lot fired multiple shots at a yellow car navigating the drive-through. The shooting resulted in two individuals being hospitalized with minor injuries. At least two bullets ended up inside the restaurant, as revealed by owner Seth Champion.

On hearing the gunshots, quick-thinking employees guided customers to the back of the restaurant. Thankfully, no staff or customers were directly harmed in the incident. As of this report, no arrests have been made related to the shooting.

Determined Efforts for Public Safety

By positioning additional officers in the downtown area, the police department is conveying its dedication to maintaining public safety in light of these recent unfortunate incidents. Residents and visitors can expect a heightened law enforcement presence as they move around downtown Chattanooga.

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