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Chattanooga Police Searching for Missing 11-year-old Girl

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Chattanooga Police Searching for Missing 11-year-old Girl

Chattanooga, TN – An intense search is ongoing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as local police scurry to locate an 11-year-old girl named Samari Robinson who was reported missing on Wednesday. HERE News Network has learned that Samari disappeared during a visit to the doctor’s office with her foster mother.

Details of the Disappearance

According to reports from the Chattanooga Police Department, Samari ran away from the doctor’s office during her scheduled visit. She was last seen wearing a black hoodie and black pants. Efforts to locate her immediately after she was found missing proved abortive.

Police Call for Assistance

The Chattanooga Police are now appealing to the public for assistance in finding the missing girl. Anyone with information on Samari’s whereabouts or who may have seen her is urged to contact the Chattanooga Police Department at 423-698-2525.

A Community on the Edge

The news of Samari’s disappearance has stirred the community, causing significant concern amongst local residents. The search continued into the night and throughout the next day with no success. Police are working tirelessly, exploring all possible leads to find Samari and bring her back to safety.

A Plea for Safe Return

The foster mother of Samari, too distraught to give a statement, has pleaded for her safe return. Samari is described as a cheerful and active child, causing her disappearance to be even more troubling. The community has rallied around the family in these trying times, offering their support and prayers.

High Alert Issued

In response to the incident, the Chattanooga Police has issued a high alert in the city and its surrounding areas. They have enlisted the help of neighboring jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies as they work together in hopes of locating Samari.

Ensuring Future Safety

This incident has brought spotlight on the importance of child safety and supervision. The Chattanooga Police, along with community leaders, are taking this opportunity to remind residents of measures that can be taken to avoid such incidents, such as keeping a close eye on children at all times, especially in public places.

Ensuing Investigation

While the search for Samari continues, an investigation is also underway to understand the circumstances that led to her disappearance. The focus is not only on finding Samari, but also ensuring that proper preventive measures are placed to prevent future occurrences, offering a safer environment for the city’s children.

Here at HERE News Network, we will continue to bring you updates on this ongoing investigation and pray for the safe return of Samari Robinson.

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