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Chattanooga Police Unveils Renovated State-of-the-Art RTIC Surveillance Center

High-tech surveillance room.

Chattanooga Police Unveils Renovated State-of-the-Art RTIC Surveillance Center

**Chattanooga, Tennessee**– The local Police’s Real Time Intelligence, Technology, and Investigative Center (RTIC) has undergone significant renovations to their surveillance center. The unit, established in 2017, employs modern technology to gather real-time data to assist the entire department in crime reduction and response.

Surveillance Center Enhancements

Sergeant Billy Atwell, the RTIC Supervisor, elaborated on the unit’s mandate. “What we do is we assist the entire department in the reduction of violence, crime, violent crime. That is our overall focus,” he said, adding that RTIC assists in any circumstances, including responding to a crash or a shooting. The surveillance center merges these systems including license plate readers, body cameras, city surveillance cameras, and other partnering organizations’ cameras under one platform.

Increased Surveillance Capacity

Starting with just a humble 15 cameras, the RTIC Division’s surveillance capability has now risen to an impressive 78 cameras. This enhancement has significantly increased the department’s knowledge of crime scene occurrences. “We had an operation recently where we had a bunch of people in the center. They have the ability to directly plug into fiber optics and use their computers from here,” Atwell added, “They can also see what the officers are seeing on scene, and they can see what we are looking at via the camera.”

The state-of-the-art renovation aligns perfectly with the Chattanooga Police Department’s goal of maintaining the city as a safe haven for residents. The Department hopes to add more license plate cameras soon to bolster safety measures further. “We do have license plate readers. Currently we have four, and we’re getting close to 30 via a grant. These should be installed across the city come this summer,” Sgt. Atwell concluded.

Real-time crime prevention and surveillance

The renovated RTIC surveillance center exemplifies the commitment of the Chattanooga Police Department to leverage modern technology in its efforts to keep the city safe. The real-time data aids in swift response times and accurate information, providing a significant boost to the department’s crime prevention and response strategies.

The project undertaken by the Police Department will undoubtedly contribute substantially to public safety. The citizens of Chattanooga can rest assured that their dedicated police force is making strides in utilizing efficient and effective measures to ensure their safety.

Source: HERE News Network – Written by: HERE News

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