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At The Pop-Up Project In Chattanooga, How The Dance Goes On

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At The Pop-Up Project In Chattanooga, How The Dance Goes On


Chattanooga’s popular performance arts initiative, The Pop-up Project, has just opened a new chapter in its journey to enrich the city culturally. Founded in 2016 by the dynamic duo Jules Downum and Mattie Waters, The Pop-up Project has now evolved into an organization with intriguing bifurcations.

A Turn Towards Twin Entities

This year has witnessed a significant transformation for this organization, as it has divided into a nonprofit and a for-profit entity. The dual existence aims to fulfill the project’s mission more effectively. The umbrella now shelters two organizations, each having its own Charter and serving a dynamic purpose.

The Nonprofit Wing

The Nonprofit The Pop-up Project will focus on maintaining the original endeavour’s essence and will continue the practice of providing effective outreach and awareness about the arts ecosystem. Its mission is to instill and nourish an appreciation for performing arts in the wider community.

The For-profit Wing

In contrast, the for-profit wing of this split will present performance and immersive work, previously carried out by The Pop-up Project. This exciting new entity will function as an experiential marketing and consulting firm with its roots firmly in the performing arts.

A New Director At The Helm

As part of this structural evolution, there have been significant changes in the organization’s top management. Jules Downum, The Project’s executive director, has stepped down to head the for-profit offshoot. Meanwhile, Louie Marin-Howard, who has been driving outreach and education initiatives for the past year, is now the Project’s Interim Executive Director.

The Performance Arts Beacon Continues to Shine

Despite the critical changes and restructuring, the objective of The Pop-up Project to aggrandize Chattanooga’s arts scene remains unperturbed. With these new bifurcations, the organization has devised a strategic redesign to cater to the art community’s multifaceted needs more systematically and comprehensively. The dance goes on in Chattanooga, even as the structure* of the tune changes.

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