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Chattanooga Prep Secures Region 3-A Championship Victory

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Chattanooga Prep Wins Region 3-A Championship

Sentinels Cruise to Victory Against South Pittsburg in Region 3-A Finale

In a fiery display of competition, Chattanooga Prep asserted their dominance to claim the Region 3-A championship, defeating South Pittsburg with a remarkable score of 80-54. The electrifying game took place on Thursday night at Van Buren County, where the Sentinels showcased their skill and tenacity.

Dexter Roberson takes the Lead

The star of the night was Sentinels’ Derrick Roberson who proved instrumental in sealing the championship victory. Roberson put forth a spectacular performance on the court, delivering 23 points to the scoreboard. Not far behind was his teammate Austin Jones, who contributed an additional 10 points to Chattanooga Prep’s winning score.

South Pittsburg, although putting up a formidable opposition, couldn’t keep pace with the Sentinels. Leading the Pirates were C. Kelley, who demonstrated a resilient effort with 27 points, and K. Robinson, who tipped in another 10 points.

Upcoming Matches

Following their impressive win in the Region 3-A championship, Chattanooga Prep is set to host Pickett County in a crucial Class A sectional contest next Monday. On the other hand, South Pittsburg is scheduled to travel to Gordonsville for their next match.

Game Recap

Starting the game strong, Chattanooga Prep led the first quarter 16-11, leaving South Pittsburg trailing behind. Building on their lead, the Sentinels increased the gap by posting 24 points in the second quarter compared to the Pirates’ 16.

Post half-time, Chattanooga Prep continued to push their lead, adding another 19 points in the third quarter. South Pittsburg made a credible effort to keep up by adding 13 points, but the tenacity of the Sentinels was just too formidable. Capping off the night with a 21-point fourth quarter against South Pittsburg’s 14, Chattanooga Prep claimed a triumphant victory with a definitive 80-54 win.

On the Stat-sheet

Spectacular individual performances shone bright throughout the game. Chattanooga Prep’s eight 3-pointers, with four delivered by Roberson, were a key aspect of their landslide victory. South Pittsburg could only manage one 3-pointer throughout the game, a contribution by Pratt.

Region 3-A Championship

The Region 3-A championship is a milestone achievement for Chattanooga Prep, demonstrating their incredible team effort, skillful performance and determination all season long. Celebrating this outstanding win, Chattanooga Prep, led by their star player Derrick Roberson, looks forward to their upcoming Class A Sectional contest against Pickett County.

Final Scores:

South Pittsburg (

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