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Diving into Chattanooga’s proposed Budget for FY2025

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Diving into Chattanooga’s proposed Budget for FY2025

Chattanooga’s Fiscal Vision

Chattanooga has been graced with an astute fiscal vision as proposed by Mayor Tim Kelly who unveiled a $186.3 million capital budget for the 2025 fiscal year. The best part of this financial layout is that it does not impose any tax increase on residents. All information regarding the proposed budget can be found on publicly accessible platforms online.

Key Investments

Public Safety

Major highlights of the proposed budget include authorization for an additional 32 police officers and firefighters, a notable continuation of a 24% pay rise initiative for first responders. Under the purview of public safety, other significant investments listed are:

  • $4 million earmarked for a firefighting vehicle replacement scheme
  • $2.5 million initiated for the replacement of Station 14 in St. Elmo
  • $100,000 purposed to enhance the city’s violence interrupter program
  • A generous $500,000, over and above the regular allocation, proposed for pedestrian safety.

Roads and Infrastructure

The budget plans to lay an emphasis on paving needs with a generous sum of $10 million, this is a substantial hike as it is twice the amount earmarked in the last year’s budget. The blueprint further outlines infrastructural investments like $1.35 million to expand trash services and secure new garbage trucks, and grants from private partnership funds for various pedestrian safety projects. It has also allocated $500,000 for the maintenance and safeguarding of 85 bridges.

Affordable Housing

The proposed budget aims to house Chattanoogans affordably by investing $1 million into the Affordable Housing Fund, and creating various resource channels like the Housing PILOT program, down payment assistance, and funding more than $900,000 in programs that assist Chattanooga’s homeless citizens.

Parks and Outdoors

In an attempt to continue Chattanooga’s journey towards becoming a National Park City, the budget proposal outlines park investments, a significant cut out of which – $2.15 million – is set aside for the replacement of the Chattanooga Skate Park.

Investments for the Youth

The youth of Chattanooga have been central to Mayor Tim Kelly’s budget proposals by such measures as allocating $402,000 to maintain Chattanooga Head Start programming, $2.6 million for renovating the James A. Henry Elementary School, and a combined $1,000,000 for the management and renovation of community centers.

Economic Development

The proposed budget has allocated $2 million for renovating the Kelly building into a minority resource hub for entrepreneurs, along with an astounding $9.8 million invested in transit needs.

Public Involvement in the Budget Approval Process

The City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee will engage Chattanoogans by hosting educational sessions. The City Council will then discuss and vote on the budget. Pro tip: All these proceedings can be watched by residents via online platforms.

These proposals form a comprehensive budget plan that lends itself to improving the quality of life in Chattanooga by paying keen attention to public safety, infrastructure, housing, and investment in the city’s youth, thus deepening the city’s economic foundations and shaping it into an even more vibrant and forward-looking city.

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