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Chattanooga Psychologist Launches Meditation Center After Years of Embracing Buddhism

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Chattanooga Psychologist Launches Meditation Center After Years of Embracing Buddhism

A Dream Takes Shape

Les Kertay, a Chattanooga psychologist, has been mulling over Buddhism for decades. His curiosity began after witnessing a powerful talk by the Dalai Lama at Emory University, where the spiritual leader’s profound response to one audience member’s question left a lasting impression. Over time, he transformed his personal exploration into a larger vision, bringing his passion to the Chattanooga community.

More Than a Meditation Center

This week, after years of thoughtful consideration, Kertay is launching a new Buddhist center in Chattanooga. The center is not merely a meditation space, but a place where anyone, regardless of religious background, can explore the tenets of Buddhism, specifically its Tibetan strain.

The Center’s Teachings and Offerings

While the center primarily focuses on meditation, it will extend beyond individual practices. It aims to offer teachings and studies about the Buddhist religion and culture. Additionally, plans for future retreats are underway, providing an immersive and restorative experience for those interested in delving deeper.

Living the Dalai Lama’s Wise Words

Kertay’s pursuits align with the enlightening and straightforward advice that he received from the Dalai Lama himself: ‘I don’t know, do something.’ From this advice, he embraced the idea and believed that as long as one takes action, real change can occur. Years after hearing these words, Kertay has not only adopted Buddhism as a personal belief but is also sharing its teachings with others.

Building A Community of Mindfulness

Chattanooga can now proudly boast a centre that showcases the beauty of Buddhism and meditation, thanks to Kertay. Recognizing the growing interest in mindfulness practices and Buddhist teachings, the center serves as a haven for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual journey. Whether they are seasoned meditation practitioners or individuals curious about Buddhism, all are welcome at Kertay’s center.


Kertay’s journey from merely exploring Buddhism to launching a meditation center in his city is a testament to the power of genuine curiosity. His new venture indicates his commitment to sharing Buddhist teachings and meditation practices with his community, enriching Chattanooga’s cultural tapestry.

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